Do You Trust Your Body?

Since we were very small, trusting our body has been de conditioned out of us. 

Many of us have been told to sit down, be quiet, cross our legs and behave in a certain way…many times AGAINST, what our body needed at that time.

And as we start to “conform” and act like we are “supposed” to, slowly we stop listening to our body’s innate wisdom. 

This creates this huge rupture over time in our body, disconnecting us from our intuition, our truth and our purpose.

Ultimately many of us get stuck going through the motions, over working, people pleasing and being a “good girl/human”…

and before we know it, we don’t even know what our body wants anymore.

Think of all the messages we receive…

“no pain, no gain”

“put your nose to the grindstone”

“just do it”

“children are to be seen and not heard”

“Push through it”

“Rest later”

“Suck it up”

Plus, many more messages that create pain and disconnection to our essence.

Many of us received these messages from parents, teachers, family members and media. And if we didn’t receive it directly, most likely our parents did.

The solution, to RECONNECT to our body.

It’s time to come back into our body, reconnect to our inner knowing, wisdom and truth. 

To come home to ourselves and cultivate epic trust and deep grounding in our body and our nervous system.

And then use the new relationship we’ve formed with our body to create the life we desire.

The biz we desire.

The relationships we desire.

The connection we desire. 

This is empowered living, working and being. 

It all starts with you first.

In Pussify Your Biz, Body & Life, this is what I will lead you through…how to reconnect.

How to trust your body and cultivate a powerful relationship with her, and then how to use the wisdom you tap into, in your business, your life and your relationships.

4-months Private One-on-One Coaching in a super intimate setting that is custom made to your unique circumstances.

I’m here if you’re ready to learn about all of this!
You know what to do 👉