T@ntric Weekend Retreat Details

Wondering what happens in a T@ntric Weekend Retreat?

There will be intimãcy exercises, communication tools, mini masterclasses, and sënsual pleasure practices for couples and for singles {depending on the weekend} that take you on a deep dive into your holistic sënsuality journey.


Oct 14-16 ~ Couples Retreat

Nov 4-6 ~ Singles Retreat

{women only in the singles retreat}

Single doesn’t mean you aren’t in a relati0nship; it just means you are attending solo.

Both weekends are different, you won’t find them duplicating.

Both weekends will be SO energizing, with incredible grounding that leaves you feeling AMAZING and super discreet!

This is for you if you want to experience more pleasure in your body, activate your turn-on, release shame and awaken deep s€nsual experiences that leave you feeling energized, grounded, sexy and alive.

This is for you if you want to dive deeper into your holistic s€xuality journey and experience potent energetic sensual practices that allow you to connect on an exquisite energetic and emotional level while experiencing heartfelt intimãcy with yourself and with your pãrtners.

Cameras and audio are always off for the more intimate practices, so you {and if applicable, your partner} can drop in and be led through many tools and practices that create epic s€x AND deep intimãcy, build trust AND body-based safety, that activates your turn-on, awakens your pãssion and unleashes your pleasure!

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