Podcast: Creating True Authentic Connection

New Episode – Creating True Authentic Connection

This episode is about connection and every single relationship you have…identifying all the parts of you that show up, so you can reclaim your sovereign power, show up as your true authentic self and create the deepest most amazing connections with the people in your life.

In this episode Cat & Kim discuss…

* Surface connection vs deep true connection

* How every single relationship you’ve ever had is affecting how you show up now

* Identifying sabotage and the roll it and fear plays in the partners you attract

* Explaining anxiety vs chemistry within attachment styles

* Noticing when your inner child is unconsciously running the show

* How to attract the authentic connections you deeply desire

* Getting your needs met in relationship

* How your unconscious patterns and fear show up over and over again in relationship

* The Best homework you can do for yourself 

* How to create the deepest most amazing connections with people in your life

Catch the full episode here:

Apple: https://zcu.io/rqIq

Spotify: https://zcu.io/308M

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Kim 💋