Do you want unlock the infinite pleasure available to you…

Move through life feeling sexy, confident and in your power…

Do you want to feel sensual, alive and free in your body…

How about tapping into the power of your creative sensual energy…

Or build strength in your body, release shame and heal…

And to finally understand how to use it all to fuel you…to create the life you love and desire?

Then, to the womxn who want to claim their full radiance so they can feel alive, confident and free in the bedroom….

My Sexy-Back Jade Egg Course is for YOU.

You’ve likely said YES to the following:

“My desire evaporated after having kids”

“I’ve struggled with my body image”

“I struggle to embrace my sensuality and my pleasure”

“I often get stuck in my own head”

“I want to feel confident, sexy, and safe to follow my deepest desires”

“I would love to learn how to activate my sensual energy and use it to create and manifest”

I see you. I get you. I am you.


Awaken your feminine nature by enhancing your confidence and becoming sensually empowered.

This course is an invitation to explore your sensuality and unleash your limitless pleasure capacity.

But What is a Jade Egg and What is it used for?

The Jade Egg, otherwise known as a Yoni Egg comes from the Taoist tradition.

Yoni is the Sanskrit name for vagina and means “sacred temple”.

The Jade Egg itself is a smooth egg-shaped cut crystal which is used for womxn’s pelvic floor exercises and sexual healing.  The Jade Egg practice claims its roots in ancient China.

It was known as a very powerful tool at that time and was kept secret. Only queens and their concubines knew about it… As it made women who worked with it very powerful, the Yoni Egg was not meant for common people.

Up until recently, this ancient practice was only available to members of the royal family, and to select Taoist practitioners.

Luckily today it is no longer a secret ~ and knowledge about this practice is available to everyone!!

The Jade Egg is an amazing tool not only for helping strengthen and control your vaginal muscles…but also it is your key to unlocking infinite pleasure, increasing sensation, awakening your sensuality, and deepening your connection to your body!

The biggest reason womxn lack desire, don’t feel confident and sexy in their body, is because of deep-rooted conditioning, disconnection from their body and their sensuality.

Most of us were not taught how to have a healthy and empowering relationship with our bodies and our sensuality. So, it’s not our fault!

There is nothing to “fix”.  We are going to simply activate what is already inside of you.

With this beautiful Jade Egg practice you can expect to…

Activate your infinite pleasure in your body

Move through life feel sexy and confident

Release and heal conditioning and shame

Reconnect to your body and your sensuality

Stop hiding and playing small in your life

Create heathy relationships with yourself and your partner

Start going after your desires

Unleash your power of WHO YOU ARE

Uncover your primal true nature

Show up as your UNAPOLOGETIC powerful self

What’s the Process?

Here are all the juicy details of what you will unlock when you join the

‘Sexy-Back Jade Egg Course’

Week 1 Reclaim ~ your pleasure, your body, and your connection to your sacred feminine.

Week 2 Release ~ heal in the gentlest way, bringing back consent to your body and really learning how to listen to her.

Week 3 Reconnect ~ to your Sexy, to your body and to your desires.

Week 4 Recalibrate ~ your power, your sensual power, playing with it, moving it, in the most delicious ways.

Week 5 Rewild ~ reconnecting to your wild primal, sexy AF nature.

Week 6 Remember ~ reconnecting to source, to the divine feminine and your power.


Jade Egg Hygiene

Best Practices ~ how to use & care for your Jade Egg

Foundational Jade Egg practices

Setting up Sacred Space

Playlists in Spotify & Apple

Bonus Practices

Breathwork Practices

Tools to regulate, support and nourish yourself

{And a 100% Nephrite Jade Egg, if you’d like to add it on}

What Can You Expect?

  • A deep connection to your body and to your sensuality as you allow yourself to feel your pleasure, self-love, body love, and intimacy
  • Help build strength in your pelvic floor while increasing sensation and pleasure in your vulva
  • Help increase arousal and lubrication, dryness from menopause, chronic numbness, and even your desire.
  • Practices to create a toned vaginal canal, increase your pleasure and sensation in your vaginal canal and in your entire body
  • Enhance your vaginal o’s including: womb, g-spot and cervical while expanding your pleasure
  • Boost your energy

+much more

The possibilities are endless to this beautiful holistic sensual practice!

Giving you the chance to remove shame, guilt, fear….integrate trauma and judgement, and express pleasure while reconnecting to your body in a celebratory way.

The benefits are truly tremendous!

Time to Activate Your Power Within

This is a self-paced course with practices you will come back to over and over again.

Sign-up and get started today!

Hesitating to sign up even though everything on this page is speaking to you?

Let’s address a few of the biggest fears I see with clients.


Even if you never put the egg inside of you, you will still massively benefit from this course. You can do the practices without the egg.

Every single practice, I invite you into asking your body if she/they wants the egg today and how to navigate if it is a yes, no or maybe.


This Jade Egg Course is a self-paced program that you can use on your pleasure and healing journey on your own schedule.

You can expect videos, tutorials, how to’s, pdf’s, playlists and recorded practices to guide you through. Each week new content will become available to you for you to continue your empowerment adventure!

You will be invited next time I run the program live, with open group coaching sessions…however, you don’t need to wait to get started using the jade egg now and receiving all of the incredible benefits that comes with this beautiful sacred practice.


The practices are prerecorded for you and you can do them anywhere. You can even do them with your clothes fully on!

I personally prefer letting my kids {and husband} know I am going to do a practice and to please not disturb me.  I put a sign on my door and I play music. All of these things bring safety to me and my experience.

I am confident that you will find your own unique way to practice, the same as you would to do a workout or meditation.


The benefits of simply looking at your sexuality, your pleasure and reconnecting to your body are HUGE!

Even if you never did a practice with the jade egg and simply followed along with the practices, I am confident you will get just what you need right now.

The biggest lesson I have learned through this beautiful journey, is to trust myself….to listen to my body and to trust myself.

This is a practice. I invite you to go at your own pace and always listen to your body. The recordings are yours to keep to continue deepening your practice.


Some womxn are sharing their trauma with me about another Jade Egg program they did a while back and I wanted to speak to it.

The Jade Egg practices are NOT to be something we “DO” like a heavy weightlifting, RA, RA, RA, workout!

Sure, there are strength practices for those who want them, but the basic core of this beautiful practice is not about that for me. 

It is not about getting it done and running to the next thing.  It is not about more doing.

This practice allows us to slow down, come into the present moment and BE with what is.

For me the Jade Egg practices are about reconnecting to my body, following my pleasure and going super, super, slow, while asking for consent from my body every single practice.

It is about rewriting the relationship I have with my body, with my pussy, with my pleasure.

It is about healing and learning to trust myself and my body. And then expanding from there.

Setting up practice time is sacred to me and can be a beautiful mediation and practice.

This is how I teach my clients. This is what I will invite you into. This is what you can expect in my Sexy-Back Jade Egg Course.

And our stuff…our trauma… will show up. Our bodies are brilliant and they want to heal.

If you are a womxn in this world you hold sexual trauma in your body.

I am a Trauma Informed Somatic Empowerment & Sensuality Coach. And in this program, I will teach you tools to regulate, support and nourish yourself.

Some trauma will be processed and integrated, some you may need some extra support with from a licensed therapist.

If you need some help determining what you need, don’t hesitate to book a free discovery call with me.

However, it is my belief and experience that when we go super slow and support ourselves and our bodies we can heal. And the results of this healing are phenomenal.

Thank you to all who trusted me to share their stories with me.

Xoxo Kim đź’‹

If you still have questions and things coming up, I’d love to hear from you!

Message Me here

About me, Kim….

I am a Trauma Informed, Somatic Empowerment & Sexuality Coach and founder of Get Your Sexy Back.

I am an incredible mama to 3 empowered adults/teens, 20, 17, 15, dog mom to 2 and I have been married to my amazing husband of almost 22 years!

I am a woman who has reclaimed, reconnected and is in deep remembrance of WHO SHE IS. And I am so grateful that I get to share this way of being with the world!

I am passionate about leading a life based on PLEASURE, FLOW, EASE & tapping into the divine feminine, as my power source.

I teach women, men and couples how to ACTIVATE their turn-on, HEAL heartbreak and shame at a body-based level, RECLAIM the places they’ve been disempowered, and take their POWER back through sacred sexuality.

I am a certified VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, as well as Female Sexuality Coach who specializes in love, intimacy, empowerment, tantra, relationships and intimacy. I am also a graduate of the School of Womanly Arts, as well as a Certified Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation.

My VITA™ Love & Relationship Certification with Layla Martin was an intense 650+ hour {honestly, it was well over 1000+} of in-depth incredible work. Today I combine these skills and trainings to help women breakthrough what is holding them back to become the women they want to be. I also lean on my knowledge and ability as an Emotion Code, Reiki and Vibrational Raindrop Practitioner to help my clients dig deeper and break through blocks & limiting beliefs.

I wasn’t always this way…empowered in my sexuality.

Believe it or not, but I was so shut down, numb and disconnected from my body, my sensuality and myself.

First I had to heal my own sexual trauma and reclaim my body, my life and who I was, who I always was underneath. It took some deep work, but I celebrate that I’ve done it!

I found my way back to WHO I AM! And I am SO honoured to do the work that I do today.

I’m here to show you how to reclaim, reconnect and remember WHO YOU ARE at the deepest of levels, so you can show up as your full unapologetic powerful self!!

Ok, So What’s Included?

  • 6 weeks of Jade Egg practices to reconnect you to your body and your infinite pleasure!
  • Lifetime access to all Jade Egg Practice Recordings
  • Bonus practices for healing, reconnecting, grounding and balancing that are amazing for nourishing your nervous system and reconnecting you to your body
  • Videos on Getting Started, Jade Egg Hygiene, How To’s, plus how to work with Trauma, Getting Consent from your body so you may cultivate trust and long lasting healing.
  • Pdf downloads and music playlists ready to go in Apple or Spotify to help support you in your practice
  • Self-paced program that allows you to track your progress that you can return back to again and again…because you will want to!!
  • If you’d like to add-on a jade egg, you can simply hit “continue shopping” after you have selected your investment option and I will have one shipped to you!

Holy WOW…I did the first practice with the Jade Egg…I’m mind blown.

Firstly, the Reclaim practice is sooo so good.  After resting a bit from it, my body was calling for more touch and pleasure, which led to two deeply powerful [email protected]’s back-to-back.

And the most unusual part, is crying after. I’ve had that happen with my partner, but never solo.

It was like a release, joy, something…it’s hard to really describe!

I allowed myself to feel it, and held myself remind myself that I am safe, I am enough.

And I felt something else new…my womb space lightened while also filling with power but feeling more open.

It was really quite incredible to experience!

~ Alicia

The Course Starts… when you say YES!

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Would you like to add-on a Jade Egg?

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The Jade Egg, otherwise known as a Yoni Egg comes from the Taoist tradition

Yoni is the Sanskrit name for vagina and means “sacred temple”. The Egg itself is a smooth egg-shaped cut crystal which is used for women’s pelvic floor exercises and sexual healing.

The Jade Egg practice claims its roots in ancient China. It was known as a very powerful tool at that time and was kept secret. Only queens and their concubines knew about it… As it made women who worked with it very powerful, the Yoni Egg was not meant for common people.

Up until recently, this ancient practice was only available to members of the royal family, and to select Taoist practitioners.

Luckily today it’s no longer a secret — and knowledge about this practice is available to everyone. It is a spectacular tool not only for strengthening and controlling the vaginal muscles… but also it’s your key to better health, more fulfilling relationships, increasing sensation, pleasure and happier life.


The Jade Eggs I carry are GIA Certified 100% Nephrite Jade Eggs.  They are hand carved into the shape of an egg. They are a holistic alternative to steal, plastic, silicon or benwa ball weights.

Jade Eggs I use and recommend are not enhanced or shaped with chemicals, dyes, heat or plasticizers like phthalates, BPA, etc.

I believe Jade Eggs are a safe and natural option for women looking for a healthy alternative to conventional methods of pelvic floor exercises.


You may have noticed there is a photo of a Rose Quartz Egg at the top of this page!  It is there for a reason…to bring awareness to what you are using! 

From my studies I have learned that Jade is a stronger, more durable, less porous and safer option than other crystals when used as yoni eggs. Jade is a very hard stone, it also carries a powerful, but gentle energies.  It is super grounding, calming and connects with your sacral and heart chakra.

I have heard of others using non Jade Eggs having pieces shattering, breaking off and even dyes coming out of their egg, because their egg wasn’t high quality or simply from the power of an orgasm.

We are using our eggs in a super delicate area, so I don’t take any risks here! 

That being said, I know there are high quality rose quartz eggs out there. But I can only stand behind the GIA Certified 100% Nephrite Jade Eggs. That is why I only promote using Nephrite Jade for yoni eggs.


Kegels can help tighten muscles but can easily be done wrong by overdoing it. The best way to utilize the Jade Egg is to have a rest period. You tighten you muscles and then the key is to relax fully. 

More is NOT better. BETTER is better.

Thanks to the Egg, you’ll learn that your pussy is divided into three floors:

  • The entrance
  • The middle zone
  • The cervix

 As you work with the Jade Egg, you’ll start to perceive and understand the different zones.

Kegel exercises work only with a small aspect of your physicality.

Plus, you gain SO MUCH MORE from a Jade Egg practice, like increase your pleasure, sensitivity, and connection to your feminine body.


There is a ton of bad publicity out there on the Jade Egg if you google it.

But there is also a ton of good info out there if you search for it.

I’m going to save you some time and share what I have learned and a video for more info.

I find it so interesting about the fear around sanitizing your Jade Egg.

We don’t sanitize our partners “body parts”… assuming your partner is male…or our partners tongue, fingers or even our own hands before touching ourselves?

Women don’t boil their toys or extensively sanitize them before every use…at least not that I have ever heard of.

I wash my hands with soap…but, sometimes I don’t. And even when we do…there is a chance there are still some bacteria on there.

If there is a crack in your egg, it is possible that bad bacteria could live and grow.

The great thing about jade is it doesn’t crack easily (unlike quartz or other stones I don’t recommend or use).

Jade may be porous- but has a very dense crystalline structure- it is not absorbent- unlike, say-a tampon.

I always boil my egg before 1st time use, and wash and sanitize it after each use. Plus, in general I use my jade egg for 15 minutes to 1 hour before removing.

I don’t know of anyone who has had an issue with using a jade egg this way.

And from my studies…I have learned that in over 30+ years of the Jade Egg use in the North America…there has never been 1 case of toxic shock syndrome using the Jade Egg.

I know hundreds, probably closer to thousands of women who have used the Jade Egg and practice with it daily for years and rave about it for all the reasons I have shared about above on this page, and I have never heard of 1 such case of toxic shock syndrome.

Even my pelvic physio-therapist, knows I use my Jade Egg for my pelvic therapy and supports my practice.

As with everything, you have to do what you think is best for you and your body.  And some days you don’t use your egg inside of you.  If your body said “no”not today or if you are on your period…you can still practice, but simply put the egg to the side.  However, you still will get incredible results from your practice.

If you wan’t to look into it more…check out this video by Dr. Saida DĂ©silets here. Or message me and I will send you more info that I have available.