Reconnect to your BODY and your exquisite PLEASURE!

Do you desire to unlock the infinite pleasure available to you and move through life feeling sexy, confident and in your power?

Do you desire to tap into your creative sensual energies and feel connected, alive and free in your body?

All while releasing body shame, pain and numbness, cultivating pelvic strength and healing your mind, body & spirit?

This Sexy-Back Jade Egg Program is for YOU.

I invite you to reclaim your full sensual radiance using this beautiful ancient practice and come home in your body.

If you’ve ever thought the following:

  • “My desire evaporated after having kids”
  • “I struggle with body image”
  • “I don’t feel connected to my sexuality or my pleasure”
  • “I get stuck in my head during sex”
  • “I don’t feel much, I feel numb
  • “I want to feel confident, sexy, and safe to follow my deepest desires”

I want you to know that I see you. I get you. I was you.

AND I’d like to invite you to explore your sexuality, reconnect to your innate inner wisdom and unleash your limitless pleasure capacity in the Jade Egg Program!

It’s time to awaken your full erotic potential.

Activate your sacred pleasure.

And become sexually empowered in your body.

How often do you find yourself feeling numb, disliking your body, and comparing yourself to others?

If you’re often getting stuck in your head, feeling like there’s something wrong with you or like you don’t belong, believe me when I say you are NOT the only one – and it’s not your fault!

So many women experience a complete disconnection from themselves and their bodies

– but why?

because of the deep social and cultural conditioning telling you it’s not safe to be a sexual woman, that your pleasure is not yours, and that sex is bad or needs to be hidden, plus the harmful mainstream ideas about how a woman “should” look like in order to be sexy.

You’ve been taught to disconnect from your body through centuries of fearful messaging in religion and the media, and this disconnect leaves you feeling like you are broken somehow, or like you’ll never be good enough…

But you don’t need to “fix” yourself! There is nothing wrong with you.

You simply need to reconnect – to ALL of you …and that includes your pussy and your sacred inner knowing!

In this Jade Egg Program we are simply going to re-awaken what is already inside of you.

It’s time to awaken the goddess within.

The Jade Egg, otherwise known as a Yoni Egg comes from the Taoist tradition.

Yoni is the Sanskrit name for vagina and means “sacred temple”.

The Jade Egg itself is a smooth egg-shaped cut crystal which is used for woman’s pelvic floor exercises and holistic sexual healing.  The Jade Egg practice claims its roots in ancient China.

It was known as a very powerful tool at that time and was kept secret. Only queens and their concubines knew about it…as it made women who worked with it very powerful, the Yoni Egg was not meant for common people.

Up until recently, this ancient practice was only available to members of the royal family, and to select Taoist practitioners. Luckily today it is no longer a secret ~ and knowledge about this practice is available to everyone!!

The Jade Egg is an amazing tool not only for helping strengthen and control your pelvic floor…but also it is your key to unlocking infinite pleasure, increasing your sensitivity, awakening your sensuality, and deepening your connection to your body!

With these powerful Jade Egg Practices, you can expect to…

  • Activate the infinite pleasure within your body and uncover your primal true sensual nature.
  • Awaken a deep connection to your body and unleash your sacred inner power.
  • Release and heal numbness, pain, heartbreak, guilt, fear and shame around your body, your sexuality and your desires.
  • Enhance your O’s including; womb, g-spot, cervical, breast, full body and beyond while expanding your full erotic pleasure.
  • Increase arousal and lubrication, dryness from (peri)menopause, chronic numbness, and up-level your libido.
  • Create a healthy loving relationship and deep intimacy with yourself.
  • Learn to love and celebrate your body {including your pussy!}
  • Cultivate strength in your pelvic floor while increasing sensitivity.
  • Learn to listen to your body and the innate wisdom that is within you.

You will fall in love with this beautiful holistic practice.


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For those of you who want ALL the juicy details…

Reclaim ~ activate your pleasure, your turn-on, and your connection to your sacred sexual nature. This alone is the practice that I come back to over and over again.

Release ~ heal in the gentlest of ways and release trauma, past lovers, heartbreak and shame by bringing back consent to your body, infusing pleasure and really learning how to listen to her.

Reconnect ~ to your SEXY, to your erotic pleasure and to your desires. It’s time to awaken the goddess within.

Recalibrate ~ your power…your sensual power, playing with it, moving it in the most delicious ways. Discover how would you like it to expand and deepen even more.

Rewild ~ discover your wild, erotic, PRIMAL, sexy AF nature!

Remember ~ reconnecting to source, to YOUR power and to your divine feminine essence, through the oracle between your thighs.


  • Jade Egg Hygiene
  • Best Practices ~ how to use & care for your Jade Egg
  • Foundational Jade Egg practices
  • Setting up Sacred Space
  • Playlists on Spotify & Apple
  • Bonus Practices
  • Breathwork Practices
  • Tools to regulate, support and nourish your body & your nervous system

{Optional: 100% Nephrite Jade Egg, if you’d like to order one. If you already have one, you are welcome to use what you have}

AND access to the live program and coaching EACH time it runs LIVE.

Hey, I’m Kim!

And I’m here to teach you how to Get Your Sexy Back!

I’m a CCF Certified Trauma Informed, Somatic (body-based) Empowerment & Sexuality Teacher, Speaker, Author & Coach, a graduate of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Layla Martin’s Institute of Integrated Tantric Sexuality and founder of Get Your Sexy Back.

With a 650+ hour certification in Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching, I specialize in Female Sexuality, Tantric Sex & Relationship Transformation, giving you the tools to unleash your sexual confidence and unlock profound new levels of self-love, pleasure, empowerment and intimacy with yourself – and in your relationships!

I use a multifaceted approach in all my programs and private coaching incorporating nervous system regulation, with sacred sexuality, pleasure and personal empowerment. 

My work combines elements inspired by Classical & Neo-Tantra, Taoism, Emotional Healing, Somatic Experiencing, Breathwork, Imago Relationship Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Energetic Guided Meditation, Reiki, Human Design and more.

Today I combine all these skills and training plus 26+ years of entrepreneurship and 13+ years of coaching experience to help singles and couples explore and break through what is holding them back from experiencing the lives they desire.

By creating deep trust and safety in your body and mind, I’ll show you how to RECONNECT to your body, ACTIVATE your turn-on, HEAL heartbreak & shame, and RECLAIM your true SEXY self so that you can fully step into your UNAPOLOGETIC POWER!

It is my life’s mission to lead by example and share with you the secrets of how to live a life of PLEASURE, FLOW, EASE and tapping into the divine feminine wisdom of your body as your source of true power.

I wasn’t always empowered in my sexuality, connected to my body and living in my pleasure…

I used to be so shut down, so disconnected from my body and my desires.

I was burnt-out, stressed, numb, unhappy, even depressed at times, caught in a cycle of over-giving, doubting, people pleasing, not feeling like I fit in, and always saying “YES” even if I didn’t have it in me. For years I was left wandering, settling, doubting and feeling stuck and lost.

I found myself not speaking my truth, playing the role of the “good girl”, the “good wife” and the “good mom”, always trying to be perfect with a smile on my face.

I was secretly exhausted, frustrated, angry, and frequently felt rushed, always on the go. I never seemed to have enough time for myself, and I was left wondering why I couldn’t do what everyone else seemed to be able to do.

That was until I discovered the portal to my true power! My sacral energy, my pelvic bowl, the sacred oracle between my thighs!

Of course, it didn’t happen overnight…when I started exploring touch, sensation. and pleasure, even touching my own arms and thighs, I noticed I didn’t feel very much.

But deep inside I knew there was MORE, so I took a deep dive into my sensuality and committed myself to sacred pleasure – that’s when I noticed my BODY COME ALIVE.

The more I healed and the more safety I created in my body, the more my body woke up. I started to feel the lightest of touches electrify my skin in the most luscious ways.

I noticed MORE pleasure and more sensations all over my body. Pleasure I had NEVER known existed. And from there it grew, expanded, and deepened. My body learned to feel again!

The daily grind of struggling, doubting, and wobbling through life ceased. Instead, I started to thrive.

I learned to truly love my body, to follow my pleasure, to take great exquisite care of ME, to banish the guilt and shame, to get out of my head and into my body, to create epic healthy boundaries and to use my voice.

My relationship with my body flourished like nothing I could have imagined!

Exquisite pleasure, deep inner knowing and a relationship with my body that I can TRUST.

Oh and the O’s…I’m talking full body, out of this world, toe-curling, exquisite pleasure.

I am SO deeply honoured to do the work that I do today and to lead you on this incredible journey with the power of the Jade egg and reconnecting to your body.

The possibilities are endless to this beautiful sacred practice!

Practicing with the Jade Egg will help you…

Emotionally ~ the jade egg allows you to release blocks of shame, guilt and fear from past traumas and heartbreak in the gentlest of ways, while creating a deep connection to your body, your pussy, and your pleasure, which enhances your self-love, intimacy and overall body celebration!

Physically ~ the jade egg is amazing for creating awareness of all your muscles in your pelvic floor and helps build strength and tone, decreases numbness, and creates pleasurable sensations, leaving you feeling nourished and energized!

Oh, and the O’s…are out of this world! Expect to uplevel your O’s…including, womb, g-spot and cervical, energetic and full body, while activating YOUR pleasure and reigniting your desire!

Spiritually ~ the jade egg practices are powerful at reconnecting you to WHO YOU ARE, awakening your sensuality and deepening your connection with your sacred goddess within.

The benefits are truly tremendous…you want to add this powerful holistic tool to your toolbox!

It’s time to UNLEASH your sacred POWER

…reclaim your sensual radiance

and come home in your body.

What’s Included?

  • 6 weeks of Jade Egg practices to reconnect you to your body and your infinite pleasure!
  • Lifetime access to all Jade Egg Practice Recordings
  • Free Access to the Live Program & Coaching Calls each time it runs
  • Bonus practices for healing, reconnecting, grounding and balancing that are amazing for nourishing your nervous system and reconnecting you to your body
  • Videos on Getting Started, Jade Egg Hygiene, How To’s, plus how to work with Trauma, Getting Consent from your body so you may cultivate trust and long-lasting healing.
  • Pdf downloads and music playlists ready to go in Apple or Spotify to help support you in your practice
  • A self-paced program that allows you to track your progress that you can return back to again and again…because you will want to!!

If you’d like to add on a jade egg, you can simply hit “continue shopping” after you have selected your investment option and I will have one shipped to you!

Holy WOW…I did the first practice with the Jade Egg…I’m mind blown.

Firstly, the Reclaim practice is sooo so good.  After resting a bit from it, my body was calling for more touch and pleasure, which led to two deeply powerful org@sms’s back-to-back.

And the most unusual part, is crying after. I’ve had that happen with my partner, but never solo. It was like a release, joy, something…it’s hard to really describe!

I allowed myself to feel it, and held myself remind myself that I am safe, I am enough.

And I felt something else new…my womb space lightened while also filling with power but feeling more open. It was really quite incredible to experience!

~ Alicia

Your Investment

$444 one payment

or select Payment plans of 2 x $222 or 3 x $148

Don’t have a Jade Egg?  No problem!!

After you add the Jade Egg Program to your cart…you can “Add-On” a 100% Nephrite Jade Egg to your order and we will ship it to you!

GIA Certified 100% Nephrite Jade Egg + protective pouch + string.

$100 {$88 + $12 Shipping}

Alternatively, you can order jade eggs/yoni eggs from the Yoni Pleasure Palace.

Use Coupon Code to get 10% off: GYSBLOVES



Even if you never put the egg inside of you, you will still massively benefit from this course. You can do the practices without the egg.

Every single practice, I invite you into asking your body if she/they wants the egg today and how to navigate if it is a yes, no or maybe.


Rest easy…there is absolutely no way the egg could get lost inside you. It is anatomically impossible. I suggest using a drilled egg (comes with a small hole at the top) and stringing your egg with unwaxed, unflavoured dental floss for easy removal.

However, if the egg and string end up out of reach, you can always slightly bear down like you are having a poop or simply wait a little. It will always come out. 

If you are worried, use an extra-long piece of string/floss. An arm’s length is plenty. When you purchase Jade Eggs from me, they come drilled with string.


This Jade Egg Course is a self-paced program that you can use on your pleasure and healing journey on your own schedule.

Each time the program runs live you are invited to join live for no extra cost.

You can expect videos, tutorials, how to’s, pdf’s, playlists and recorded practices to guide you through. Each week new content will become available to you for you to continue your empowerment adventure!


The practices are prerecorded for you and you can do them anywhere. You can even do them with your clothes fully on!

I personally prefer letting my kids {and husband} know I am going to do a practice and to please not disturb me.  I put a sign on my door and I play music. All of these things bring safety to me and my experience.

I am confident that you will find your own unique way to practice, the same as you would to do a workout or meditation.


The benefits of simply looking at your sexuality, your pleasure and reconnecting to your body are HUGE!

Even if you never did a practice with the jade egg and simply followed along with the rest of the practice, I am confident you will get just what you need right now.

The biggest lesson I have learned through this beautiful journey, is to trust myself….to listen to my body and to trust myself.

This is a practice. I invite you to go at your own pace and always listen to your body. The recordings are yours to keep to continue deepening in your practice.


The Jade Eggs I carry are GIA Certified 100% Nephrite Jade Eggs.  They are hand carved into the shape of an egg. They are a holistic alternative to steal, plastic, silicon or benwa ball weights.

Jade Eggs I use and recommend are not enhanced or shaped with chemicals, dyes, heat or plasticizers like phthalates, BPA, etc.

I believe Jade Eggs are a safe and natural option for women looking for a healthy alternative to conventional methods of pelvic floor exercises. However if you prefer you can always order a borosilicate glass egg from the Yoni Pleasure Palace. See last FAQ for info and coupon code.


Kegels can help tighten your pelvic floor muscles but they are frequently done incorrectly, and can cause more damage by overdoing it or trying to do kegals with an already tight pelvic floor. The best way to utilize the Jade Egg is to have a rest period and learn to listen to what your body needs.

More is NOT better. BETTER is better.

Thanks to the Egg, you’ll learn that your pussy is divided into three floors:

  • The entrance
  • The middle zone
  • The cervix

As you work with the Jade Egg, you’ll start to perceive and understand the different zones and increase your sensitivity to feeling them. Plus, you will add in breath, sound, movement allowing you to dearmor pain, shame, trauma and anything else your body is holding onto.

Kegel exercises work only with a small aspect of your physicality. Jade Egg practices are combining elements of your physical, emotional and spiritual.

Plus, you gain SO MUCH MORE from a Jade Egg practice! It is such a fun sexy way to strengthen your pelvic floor while increasing your overall pleasure, sensitivity, and connection to your feminine body.


There is a ton of bad publicity out there on the Jade Egg if you google it. But there is also a ton of good info out there if you search for it.

I’m going to save you some time and share what I have learned and a video for more info.

I find it so interesting about the fear around the sanitization of your Jade Egg.

When you first receive yours, I suggest you boil it for 5 min for first time use. But from there a simple washing the same way you wash the rest of your toys is perfect.

We don’t sanitize our partners “body parts”… assuming your partner is male…or our partners tongue, fingers or even our own hands before touching ourselves?

Women don’t boil their toys or extensively sanitize them before every use…at least not that I have ever heard of. lol

I wash my hands with soap…but, sometimes I don’t. And even when we do…there is a chance there are still some bacteria on there.

If there is a crack in your egg, it is possible that bad bacteria could live and grow. So I’d suggest a new egg if that is the case.

The great thing about nephrite jade is it doesn’t crack easily. Jade may be porous- but has a very dense crystalline structure – it is not absorbent – unlike, say-a tampon.

I always boil my egg before 1st time use, and wash and sanitize it after each use. Plus, in general I use my jade egg for 20 minutes to 1 hour before removing.

I don’t know of anyone who has had an issue with using a jade egg this way.

And from my studies…I have learned that in over 30+ years of the Jade Egg use in the North America…there has never been 1 case of toxic shock syndrome using the Jade Egg.

I know hundreds, probably closer to thousands of women who have used the Jade Egg and practice with it daily for years and rave about it for all the reasons I have shared about on this page, and I have never heard of 1 such case of toxic shock syndrome.

Even my pelvic physio-therapist, supports my practice Jade Egg Practice.

As with everything, you have to do what you think is best for you and your body.  And some days you don’t use your egg inside of you.  If your body doesn’t give full consent and you hear a “no not today” or if you are on your period…you still can do the practice, but you simply put the egg to the side.  However, you still will get incredible results from your practice.

If you wan’t to look into it more…check out this video by Dr. Saida Désilets here. Or message me and I will send you more info that I have available.

If you would prefer to use a borosilicate glass yoni egg that is also an option (you can order one here – use coupon code: GYSBLOVES for 10% off).

But don’t let any of the media hype…ahmm patriarchy…deter you from reconnecting to your body and enhancing your sexuality.

If you still have questions and things coming up, I’d love to hear from you! Email me at