Because being a woman is complicated, isn’t it? And it’s hard to navigate it alone. And when you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way, it’s really difficult to find your way back. But the reality is, you CAN find your way back…you just need to arm yourself with the tools & guidance to do so.

How do I know? Because I have reclaimed my life and uncovered who I truly am.

Kim Coffin ~ Empowerment & Sexuality Coach

I was exhausted. 5-10 years ago I was lost in the chaotic world of kids, career, sports, groceries, and regular house upkeep.

My body, unbeknownst to my brain, was also struggling with a teenage sexual assault by my stepfather that was not addressed by my mother at the time or even very much by myself over the years, even though I was open about it.

I had always brushed it off as nothing, and tried to put it out of my head as quickly as I could.

I found that I was struggling to find something more; that there was something missing. My body was telling me to look further and deeper than I had before.

In 2017 I started reclaiming myself again. I finally found what I was yearning for. At first I labeled it as a coincidence…but looking back, I know it was divine feminine guidance leading me home.

I found Regina Thomashauer, Layla Martin, plus a few other amazing mentors and I haven’t looked back. It has completely changed my life!

This journey I found changed the way I saw myself and the way I thought about everything. I took my power back. I was no longer struggling and questioning or trudging through the daily grind. I learned to love my body, to lean into my resistances, to take great exquisite care of ME, to banish the guilt and the constant chatter in my head, to go after everything I desire and to launch into finding what lights me up and how I want to passionately serve the world… I learned so much, and I want to help you learn how to do these very same things. However that looks to you!

Who am I today?

Kim Coffin ~ Empowerment & Sexuality Coach

My past is still a part of me, but it doesn’t rule me. Today I am a present, awake, turned-on, lite-up and confident woman who is connected to my truth, my strength, my desire, the feminine and the divine.

I am a wife, a mother, a puppy lover, a sister goddess, a friend and an entrepreneur for over 23 years. I am a woman who is happy with who she is. No wait, not just happy…I am a woman who is ECSTATIC about who she is. And I am so grateful that I get to share this way of being with the world!

I am a Graduate of the School of Womanly Arts and I am a Certified Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation. I have been busy completing my Sex, Love & Relationship Certification for the past year with Layla Martin which includes over 650 hour {plus some} of in-depth incredible work. Today I combine these skills and trainings to help women break through what is holding them back to become the women they want to be. I also lean on my knowledge and ability as an Emotion Code, Reiki and Vibrational Raindrop Practitioner to help my clients dig deeper and break through blocks & limiting beliefs.

In my daily life, I practice what I preach. I love deeply & wholeheartedly, I forgive sincerely, I dare greatly, I honour myself, and I respect the people around me.

Kim Coffin lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with her husband, 3 teenagers and 2 puppies. She serves clients worldwide, using video calls for clients who live outside of Kitchener-Waterloo.

You’ve got one life to live. Live it to your fullest potential.

My programs with Get Your Sexy Back, gives you the space you need to transform and provides you with the support you need to confidently step into who you are meant to be & reclaim your life.

Are you ready to Reign In Your Power?