Because being a human is complicated, isn’t it? And it’s hard to navigate it alone. And when you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way, it’s really difficult to find your way back. But the reality is, you CAN find your way back…you just need to arm yourself with the tools & guidance to do so.

How do I know? Because I have reclaimed my life, reconnected to my body, and uncovered who I truly am.

I used to feel like I was living in survival mode and like I was constantly trying to keep my head above water.

Between 3 kids, each in multiple rep sports, homework, meals, my biz & my “relationship” with my husband, keeping up with the “in’s and out’s” of our world, life as Kim knew it…was a mess.

I was burnt-out, stressed, numb, caught in a cycle of over-giving, doubting, people pleasing, not feeling like I fit in, and always saying “YES” even if I didn’t have it in me.

I found myself not speaking my truth, playing the role of the “good girl” the “good wife” and the “good mom”, always trying to be perfect with a smile on my face.

I was exhausted, frustrated, angry, frequently felt rushed, and always on the go. I never seemed to have enough time for myself and I was left wondering why I couldn’t do what everyone else seemed to be able to do.

This was quickly followed by guilt for not loving everything I already had and wondering what was wrong with me?!?!

My body, unbeknownst to my brain, was also struggling with a teenage sexual assault by my stepfather that was not properly handled by my mother at the time, or even very much by myself over the years.

I had always brushed it off as nothing and tried to put it out of my head as quickly as I could. More layers of trauma and shame continued to pile on top from there, creating chaos in my life and my body.

I was deeply yearning for something more; that there was something missing. My body was relentlessly telling me to look further and deeper than I had before. I struggled with lower back pain, postpartum depression, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues and more.

In 2013 I started having this deep feeling that there was another way and I started reclaiming my boundaries and my space slowly, still unsure if I was on the right path. Doubting, questioning…and wobbling that way for a few more years.

In 2017 I started reclaiming myself full out. I started working with Regina Thomashauer, Layla Martin, Sheila Kelly, plus a handful of other amazing mentors and I haven’t looked back.

I started my healing and reclamation journey, and from there I became more and more confident at the same time I came home in my body and learned how to listen to her.

I finally found what I was looking for…the whispers that were calling to me. At first, I labelled it as a coincidence…but looking back, I know it was divine feminine guidance calling me home.

This journey I found, changed my life…it changed the way I saw myself and the way I thought about everything I’ve ever learned. I unpacked layers and layers of conditioning, shame, fears and trauma. I reconnected to my body, to my sensuality and I took my power back.

The daily grind of struggling, doubting and wobbling through life ceased. Instead, I started to thrive.

I learned to love my body, to lean into my pleasure, to take great exquisite care of ME, to banish the guilt & shame, to get out of my head and into my body, to create epic healthy boundaries, to use my voice, to show up unapologetically and to live and serve from that place while I go after everything I desire.

Who am I today?

Kim Coffin ~ Empowerment & Sexuality Teacher, Speaker & Coach

By creating deep trust and safety in your body and mind, I’ll show you how to RECONNECT to your body, ACTIVATE your turn-on, HEAL heartbreak & shame, and RECLAIM your true SEXY self so that you can fully step into your UNAPOLOGETIC POWER!

In your relationships, in your career, in your body and in your life.

I’m a CCF Certified Trauma Informed, Somatic (body-based) Empowerment & Sexuality Teacher, Speaker, Author and Coach, a graduate of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Layla Martin’s Institute of Integrated Tantric Sexuality and founder of Get Your Sexy Back.

With a 650+ hour certification in Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching, I specialize in Female Sexuality, Tantric Sex & Relationship Transformation giving you the tools to unleash your sexual confidence and unlock profound new levels of self-love, pleasure, empowerment and intimacy with yourself – and in your relationships!

I use a multifaceted approach in all my programs and private coaching incorporating nervous system regulation, with sacred sexuality, pleasure and personal empowerment. 

My work combines elements inspired by Classical & Neo-Tantra, Taoism, Emotional Healing, Somatic Experiencing, Breathwork, Imago Relationship Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Energetic Guided Meditation, Reiki, Human Design and more.

Today I combine all these skills and training plus 26+ years of entrepreneurship and 13+ years of coaching experience to help singles and couples explore and break through what is holding them back from experiencing the lives they desire.

I am a woman who has reclaimed her life, her body, her relationship with herself and with others. And I am so grateful and honoured that I get to share this way of being with the world!

It is my life’s mission to lead by example and share with you the secrets of how to live a life of PLEASURE, FLOW, EASE and tapping into the divine wisdom of your body as your source of true power.




Kim Coffin lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. She is a mama to 3 teen/adult amazing empowered humans; 22, 19 & 17 and her 2 Havanese puppies; Rigby & Charlotte. (really adult dogs, but they still act like puppies) She serves clients around the world.

You’ve got one life to live. Live it to your fullest potential.

My Signature Sexy-Back Approach gives you the space, practices and support you need to reclaim, reconnect & remember WHO YOU ARE, so you can step into and show up as your confident full unapologetic powerful self.

Are you ready to take your POWER back?