Podcast: Show Up & Should on Yourself Less

New Episode: Show Up & Should on Yourself Less

~with guest Angie Callen

This episode is all about showing up…in your business/career and how to align yourself with your true purpose so you are not just fine…but great, empowered & truly happy!

And of course, you’ll hear how it relates to your sexy, your hormones and so much more.

Angie and Kim discuss…

* Looking at where women fit into the workplace on the whole in 2022

* Stats on when a girl’s self-esteem and confidence starts to decline and what we can do about it now

* Finding the sweet spot between being happy in your life, vs being “fine”

* Reducing your scarcity mindset

* Midlife crisis? Or …something else

* How our hormones play a part in us reclaiming our purpose

* How the messages women receive growing up, changes how they show up in the workplace

* Squashing imposture syndrome

* Why you don’t want to listen to your family when making career choices

* How to remove the blinders you have as an entrepreneur, so you can expand to the next level

* The 1 thing you want to STOP right NOW that is holding you back

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Kim 💋