Do you feel the call?

The call to slow down…come home in your body, reconnect to your sensuality, and cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself?

Introducing the…

What if you could trust yourself so deeply and have such an intimate connection with your body that you knew without a doubt what was in alignment for you, which allowed you to magnetize all of your desires while feeling, sexy, alive, connected and free?

You totally can.

Our pleasure is our superpower.

Our sensuality is our superpower.

Our turn-on is our superpower.

Our connection to our body is our SUPERPOWER.

When we are disconnected from these key pieces of ourselves, we are disconnected from our life, from our purpose and from our spark. 

In the Sacred Pleasure Membership, I will show you how to RECONNECT. 

A packed full membership of turn-on, sensuality, reconnecting to your body, honouring your sovereignty and your sacred pleasure.

Your connection to your body and your sacred pleasure…IS YOUR POWER.  

Sacred Pleasure Membership

Monthly membership with TWO live and recorded calls each month and more, that will leave you feeling… CONNECTED, ALIVE, SEXY AND CONFIDENT IN YOUR SKIN.

Regular $64/month

Early Bird Founding Rate Extended till May 31st, 2022 

Now only $44/month

or you can save a little by signing up for the year

Early Bird rate gets locked in forever…or until you cancel.

So many of us were taught about our bodies, and pleasure from movies or a book our parent threw at us.

With a dash of shame, and “don’t do that, or else”.

Or by your teacher who ‘grinned and bared it’ while you squirmed in your seat.

Or you were taught nothing at all and have been figuring it out by trial & error, movies and books.

It’s no wonder that we are uncomfortable talking about such deliciousness. 

There is a whole other world to explore than what we have been taught, shown and modeled. 

I have been studying pleasure, sensuality, connection to the divine and healing from within for many years now…I celebrate that I have become an all-around pleasure queen! 

I know firsthand how important this work is to healing our soul, releasing shame around our bodies and activating our turn-on. 

Pleasure is our superpower. 

Our pleasure is SACRED.

There is nothing to be ashamed about and we ALL need MORE pleasure.

There is so much POWER in knowing your body intimately and connecting with your sensual self.

In this membership you will experience deep healing at a body-based level while infusing pleasure into your cells.

You can expect to…

🌹Activate your turn-on

🌹Increase your self-love

🌹Reconnect to your sensual self

🌹Release shame and conditioning

🌹Cultivate safety and trust in your body

🌹Experience deep healing

🌹Receive nourishment for your soul

🌹Ground your nervous system

Leaving you feeling confident, alive and sexy in your body!

In a monthly membership that you can cancel at any time.

With a library of practices that you have full access to as long as you are registered in the Sacred Pleasure Membership.

It’s hard to make time for us…but when it is on our calendar, with reminders in our inbox, it becomes MUCH easier.

The Sacred Pleasure Membership is the perfect way to make pleasure, connection and sensual practices a part of your regular practice.

Each month you will receive…

✨Two Calls {live and recorded}

Plus, a library of on demand practices in your back pocket to select from whenever you desire that will reconnect back to your body, to your turn-on and ground your nervous system.

✨1st Call ~ Live Coaching Call & Workshop

Every month there is a live coaching call & workshop, following the “Themes of the Month” to help you go deeper and remove the obstacles that are getting in your way on your path to reclaiming your sacred pleasure.

Here are a few of the workshop themes: Activating Your Turn-on & Pleasure, Emotions and S💎x, Reclaim your Voice, Manifesting Your Desires… and so many more. See all the themes here.

~ 2nd Tuesday of every month from 12-1pm EST ~

✨ 2nd Call ~ Live Workshop & Pleasure Practice

Every month I’ll host a live workshop with a pleasure practice, where we’ll explore how to reconnect to your body, to find more pleasure, release body shame, trust yourself, step into confidence and feel alive, sexy and free!

~ 3rd Thursday of every month from 3-4:15pm EST ~

✨ Integration time with live coaching 

There is time built into each of the two live workshops each month for live questions and coaching around whatever is coming up for you, that you’d like to receive some support on.

✨ Additional pleasure practices, meditations & ritual recordings added to your library

Along with the practices that I share in the live workshops, I’ll also give you access to additional practices, meditations and rituals each month that you can explore on your own time.

A few of them include:  Fear Embodiment Practices, Sensual Pleasure Activations, Grounding Meditations and Sacred Rituals

These are the same practices that I use myself, and my clients use to continue to support our nervous systems and cultivate deep trust and safety in our bodies.

✨ Along with journaling prompts & tools

That you can use to explore each topic further, uncover old beliefs and heal your connection with your body, your sensuality and your truth.

Giving you access to an incredible library of practices, meditations, tools and ritual recordings that you can select whatever you need from…at any given time…to reconnect back, to your body and ground your nervous system.

And you will want to!!

Grounding, calming your nervous system, reconnecting to your body, your sensuality and your pleasure IS a PRACTICE. Just like a workout or yoga.

{this is also ALL recorded and in your private portal to use as you choose}

You can join me live AND/OR catch the replays…it’s up to you.

All super discrete in the privacy of your own home.

The Sacred Pleasure Membership is for women and female identifying humans who want more pleasure in their life and want to feel their body COME ALIVE!

They want to slow down with a regular practice that reconnects them to their body.

They want to reconnect with their sacred pleasure and feel it in their bones.

They want to activate their turn-on, honour their body and heal.

This is for you if you want to…

🙌 Reconnect to your body

🙌 Up-level your sensuality

🙌 Release body shame

🙌 Learn how to trust your body

🙌 Increase your confidence

🙌 🙌 🙌 Feel alive, sexy and free

If your sensuality and pleasure are not where you’d like them to be… 

The Sacred Pleasure Membership is perfect to activate your body!

Perfect for dropping the shackles of shame, perfectionism and being a “good girl” and learning how to thrive in the bedroom AND the boardroom. 


Coz how you show up in the bedroom is how you show up in your life. 

In your relationships, in your biz, in your body and in how you show up in this world. 

It’s all connected.

Sacred Pleasure Membership Monthly Themes 

💋 Activating Your Turn-On

💋 Up-leveling Your Pleasure

💋 Manifesting Your Desires

💋 Sacred Body-Love

💋 Reconnecting to Pussy

💋 Worthiness & Enoughness

💋 Orgasmic Mastery

💋 Your Emotional Power

💋 Sensuality & Money

💋 Empowerment in Your Truth

💋 Relationships

💋 Reclaim Your Voice

💋 Cultivating Boundaries & Safety

Sacred Sexuality {aka tantra}, Pleasure Practices, Meditations, Rituals, Embodiment, Breathwork & tons MORE nourishment & support for you and your body.


If we haven’t met yet…Hi I’m Kim

If you experience numbness, pain or don’t feel much pleasure at all, I want you to know that it can be recovered.

I wasn’t always this way…empowered in my sensuality and my pleasure. 

When I started to do some practices exploring touch, sensation and pleasure, even touching my own arm, thighs, belly and breasts, I noticed I didn’t feel very much.

I was so shut down, disconnected from my body, from my pleasure, and from my purpose.

I was numb.

Without the connection to our sacral energy…pelvic bowl…oracle between our thighs…portal of our power, we can be left wandering, settling, doubting, feeling stuck and lost. 

And that I was.





When I dove into my sensuality and pleasure exploration, that is when I noticed my BODY COME ALIVE. 

The more I healed, the more safety I created in my own body, the more my body woke up. 

I started to feel the lightest of touches electrify my skin in the most luscious of ways. 

I noticed MORE pleasure, more sensation all over my body. 

Pleasure I had NEVER known existed. 

And from there it grew, expanded and deepened. 

My body learned to feel again. 

To trust that feeling pleasure was okay again.

I cultivated safety and learned how to listen to my body. 

And from there the relationship with my body flourished like nothing I could have imagined!

Exquisite pleasure, deep inner knowing and a relationship with my body that I can TRUST.

I am SO deeply honoured to do the work that I do today…to lead you on this incredible journey…and to invite you to join me in the…

Sacred Pleasure Membership!

It’s time to RECLAIM your Sacred Pleasure.

I am a Trauma Informed, Somatic (body-based) Empowerment & Sexuality Coach, as well as a VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Female Sexuality Coach, Tantric Sex Coach and founder of Get Your Sexy Back.

I specialize in empowerment, confidence, creating trust and safety in our bodies and in our minds, self-love, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy with self and in relationships, as well as relationship transformation for couples, jade egg, tantra and sacred sexuality.

I am passionate about leading a life based on PLEASURE, FLOW, EASE and tapping into the divine feminine within my body, as my power source.

I teach singles and couples how to RECONNECT to their body, ACTIVATE their turn-on, HEAL heartbreak💔 and shame at a body-based level, RECLAIM the places they’ve been disempowered, so they can come back into their body and step into their UNAPOLOGETIC POWER through sacred sexuality.

In their relationships, in their businesses, in their body and in their lives.

I am honoured to be on this journey with you.

~ Early Bird Founding Rate ~

$44/month is Extended till May 31st!

this will be applied automatically when you add your membership option to the cart


Yearly Membership

$644per year USD
  • **Early Bird of $444/yr is Extended until May 31st**
  • Early Bird will be reflected when you add to CART

Monthly Membership

$64per month USD
  • **Early Bird of $44/mo is Extended until May 31st**
  • Early Bird will be reflected when you add to CART



This is for every straight, bi, queer, cis gendered, female identifying and non-binary human.

You are ALL welcome. 

The only requirement is that you are OPEN to reconnecting & aligning with your body, your p🌙ssy AND your p💥wer. 

{even if “that” word, triggers you right now}

I get it, it used to trigger me once upon a time.

But even then, I had a feeling, call it a hunch, there was something there for me, even though I was very against the wording. 

It’s about the reclamation of the word and taking our power back from all the places we’ve been most disempowered.

Our sensuality being a HUGE place.

So, if you are catching yourself reading my posts, watching from the sidelines, checking out this sign-up page…I invite you to trust yourself…to sign-up and join us.

I promise, this is for you too.

And it will be the most incredible empowering journey.

Even if you can only catch the replay’s and recordings, you will leave with immense practices and tools that connect you to your body, to your sensuality and to the inner essence of who you are.


No problem, life happens! Everything will be recorded and you will be able to access it on your time.

You will be able to find the recorded sessions within 48 hours in your program portal. And you will have access to them as long as you are registered for the Sacred Pleasure Membership

These practices are something that you will return to over and over again to reconnect to your body and your pleasure.


Are you stuck “moming”, “wifing” or “working” and there just seems to be no time for you?

Consider this your PERMISSION SLIP to make time for you.

Coz, if you don’t, nobody will do it for you.

There is no easy way to say this…but having “no time” to do something you desire to do, means…

1. You don’t think you WORTH taking the time for.

2. You are NOT fully trusting yourself.

Maybe this is your natural defense mechanism trying to protect you from the fear of “what if it doesn’t work?”, “what if they leave me?”, “what if they hate me?” or “what if they think I’m selfish?”.

And absolutely zero judgment if that is what you have done, until now. {so did I for a long time}

I invite you to lean in past your brain’s cute little resistance, and decide to choose YOU. Instead of finding all the reasons why you can’t.

No one else can do this for you.

I get it…I had the same fears when I started my journey prioritizing ME.

When you say YES. The results are life changing for ALL involved.

It is time to give yourself permission, to show up for yourself, BE yourself, heal, make time for you, be messy about it, and say YES!

And yes, this is also something we can work on together, if it continues to come up in your life.

I’ve got you.


I will guide you through various sacred pleasure practices, chakra and energy practices to build connection to your body, while releasing powerful blocks of judgment, guilt, shame and limiting beliefs.

I’ll also include nourishing embodiment practices to cut through the “story”, decrease your stress levels, balance your hormones, ignite your turn-on, embrace your sensual power and enhance your overall turn-on!

There will be time for integration, coaching and questions in each workshop.

Your cameras will ALWAYS be off for pleasure practices and you will be muted except for integration and Q&A time…if you decide to turn them on.

You are NEVER naked on camera.

AND, I’ll always invite you to trust yourself and NOT do anything that does not feel aligned with you or your body. ALWAYS.

If you miss a LIVE workshop, no worries, you will find the recording sessions within 48 hours in your program portal. And you will have access to them all as long as you are registered for the Sacred Pleasure Membership.


I recommend that you have a safe, comfortable, private space where you won’t be disturbed.

Anywhere where you are able to lay down and move around if you wish for the practice sessions. The option to lock a door is enough.

If you’d like some ideas around sound options, simply ask during one of the live workshops.


Sacred Pleasure is all part of Sacred Sexuality. It is a practice that is part of the ancient spiritual path known as tantra mixed with pleasure and embodiment.

Sacred Pleasure and Sacred Sexuality can be practiced solo or as a couple and it is a beautiful way to connect with your body, your sensuality and your pleasure, allowing you to access deeper levels of your feelings, sensations, and energies and ultimately go beyond WHO YOU ARE.

In this membership we will be working on Solo practice, because honestly, it starts with you. But you can take many of the teachings into partner practices.

The Tantric path is acknowledging the depth of who you are and integrating yourself, so you are in greater alignment and remember who you REALLY are.

However, you aren’t focused on “fixing” yourself because there isn’t anything wrong with you.

Instead, you are focused on loving and accepting all parts of yourself and going deeper, living from your body, following your pleasure and allowing it all to bring things naturally into alignment.

The practices are incredible at helping release shame, trauma, and blockages around your body, your pleasure, being your authentic self, asking for what you want, your “enoughness” and your too muchness…and so much more.

These practices restore the transformative power of your sacred energy, your unapologetic energy and lead you to up-level how you feel pleasure, turn-on, joy and passion more intensely within your body.

Sacred Sexuality is for couples and singles who want holistic deeper sensual, embodied and energy practices to take them on an exquisite sacred sensual adventure where sensuality also becomes a door to the divine, creating a more intimate experience of the present moment.

My coaching is aligned with applying classical Tantric teachings and uses Neo-Tantric practices to really meet my clients where they are at and help them with their modern issues and desires around love, relationships, body, intimacy, connection empowerment and sensuality on the whole.

All of my coaching includes Sacred Sexuality Practices…it really is an incredible holistic practice that so many benefit immensely from.


I get it. I used to worry that it would work for everyone else…but not for me.

I want you to know… It is TOTALLY normal to have these fears…AND

The benefits of simply looking at your sensuality, your pleasure and reconnecting to your body are HUGE!

I am confident that you will get exactly what you need and you will NOT be disappointed, numb and pleasureless forever.

The biggest lesson I have learned through this beautiful journey, is to trust myself.

To listen to my body and to trust myself.

This is a practice. This is what I will teach you.

I will always invite you to go at your own pace and to always listen to your body.

Your only job from there is to follow your pleasure!


If you are a female identifying human in this world, you hold some level of sexual trauma in your body.

Not to negate humans who do hold sexual trauma from sexual assault or abuse in their body. {I am one of those women}

The work and practices I offer are NOT to be something we “DO” like a heavy weightlifting, RA, RA, RA, workout!  There is no such thing as “no pain, no gain” in my world.

The basic core of this beautiful deep nourishing healing work is not about that for me.

It is not about getting it done and running to the next thing.  It is not about more doing.

This work, coming into and listening to our body allows us to slow down, come into the present moment and BE with what is.

My work is about reconnecting to my body, following my pleasure and going super, super slow, while asking consent from my body every single moment.

It is about rewriting the relationship I have with my body, with my connection to self and with my pleasure.

It is about healing and learning to trust myself and my body. And then expanding from there.

Setting up practice time is sacred to me and can be a beautiful mediation and practice.

This is how I teach my clients. This is what I will invite you into. This is what you can expect when you say yes to working with me.

And our stuff…our trauma… will show up. Our bodies are brilliant, and they want to heal.

I am a Trauma Informed Somatic Empowerment & Sensuality Coach. And when we work together, I will teach you many tools to regulate, support and nourish yourself.

Some trauma will be processed and integrated, some you may need some extra support from a licensed therapist.

If you need some help determining where you are at and what you need, don’t hesitate to book a free call with me.

However, it is my belief and experience that when we go super slow and support ourselves and our bodies we can heal. And the results of this healing are phenomenal.

Xoxo Kim 💋


Yes!  And if you secretly want to play with your sensuality, pleasure and reconnect to your body…this is the place to be.

We have thousands of years of conditioning telling us that our sensuality is shameful or bad. 

So it’s totally normal to feel nervous, shy AND excited when you start this sacred work!

Permission to lean into your curiosity, trust your body…your secret desires, and your fears all at once, and join me in the membership. 

Because I promise after every LIVE or RECORDED training and practice you will leave feeling…

💥 Reconnected to your body

💥 Sensual in your skin

💥 Alive, free and turned ON

💥 With a new sense of trust with yourself

💥 Confident in exploring further


Your investment is $64/month {$44/month for Early Bird extended till May 31, 2022}

Or you can register for the year and save…$644/year {$444/year for Early Bird till May 31, 2022}

Early Bird rate gets locked in forever…or until you cancel.


Absolutely, simply contact us and we can cancel your membership with 14 days notice. But just so you know, the price will likely increase in the future, and only founders will keep the current monthly price. 


If you desire more private support, book a free discovery call with me here to discuss the option of private coaching.

My private clients also receive the Sacred Pleasure Membership as a bonus along with private support.