Come home to the sacred temple of your body and liberate your empowered sensual self…

  • Ignite deep intimacy and connection with your body
  • Awaken to your true essence and deep inner knowing
  • Release the shackles of shame and messaging that no longer serve you
  • Tap into the profound wisdom of your body
  • Reclaim radical self-love and outrageous pleasure
  • Step into your full radiance and magnetize your highest desires

…all while feeling alive, energized, free and sexy AF!

All for only $44/month!

The Sacred Pleasure Membership is packed full of turn-on, sensuality, reconnecting to the oracle between your thighs, and honouring your sovereignty, while reclaiming your sacred pleasure and unapologetic power.

Your pleasure is your superpower.

Your sensuality is your superpower.

Your turn-on is your superpower.

Your connection to your body is your SUPERPOWER.

So many women spend a lifetime completely unaware that the portal to your greatest pleasure and unapologetic power is right there between your thighs all along!

The aliveness and bliss you’ve been craving is patiently waiting to be reclaimed so that you can finally step into being the divine radiant woman you came here to be!

When you are disconnected from your pleasure, you are disconnected from your life force energy, from your true purpose and from your vibrant spark.

In the Sacred Pleasure Membership, I will show you how to RECONNECT to your sensuality and use your turn-on to ignite your inner fire, and live a life that’s full of more joy, aliveness, more love and much more pleasure!

It’s time to say YES to your Sacred Pleasure!

Hey, I’m Kim!

And I’m here to teach you how to Get Your Sexy-Back!

I’m a CCF Certified Trauma Informed, Somatic (body-based) Empowerment & Sexuality Teacher, Speaker, Author & Coach, a graduate of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and Layla Martin’s Institute of Integrated Tantric Sexuality.

With a 650+ hour certification in Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching, I specialize in Female Sexuality, Tantric Sex and Relationship Transformation giving you the tools to unleash your sexual confidence and unlock profound new levels of self-love, pleasure, empowerment and intimacy with yourself – and in your relationships!

By creating deep trust and safety in your body and mind, I’ll show you how to RECONNECT to your body, ACTIVATE your turn-on, HEAL heartbreak & shame, and RECLAIM your true SEXY self so that you can fully step into your UNAPOLOGETIC POWER!

It is my life’s mission to lead by example and share with you the secrets of how to live a life of PLEASURE, FLOW, EASE and tapping into the divine wisdom of your body as your source of true power.

I wasn’t always empowered in my sensuality and fully in my pleasure…

I used to be so shut down, so disconnected from my body and from my purpose. I was numb. For years I was left wandering, settling, doubting, and feeling stuck and lost. I felt hopeless.

That was until I discovered the portal to my true power! My sacral energy, my pelvic bowl, the sacred oracle between my thighs!

Of course, it didn’t happen overnight… When I started exploring touch, sensation and pleasure, even touching my own arms and thighs, I noticed I didn’t feel very much.

But deep inside I knew there was MORE, so I took a deep dive into my sensuality and committed myself to pleasure – that’s when I noticed my BODY COME ALIVE.

The more I healed, the more safety I created in my own body, the more my body woke up. I started to feel the lightest of touches electrify my skin in the most luscious of ways.

I noticed MORE pleasure, more sensation all over my body. Pleasure I had NEVER known existed. And from there it grew, expanded. and deepened. My body learned to feel again!

I learned how to trust that pleasure was okay. I cultivated safety and learned how to listen to my body, and from there the relationship with my body flourished like nothing I could have imagined!

Exquisite pleasure, deep inner knowing and a relationship with my body that I can TRUST.

I am SO deeply honoured to do the work that I do today and to lead you on this incredible journey with the Sacred Pleasure Membership!

Most of what you’ve been taught about your body and your pleasure is entirely FALSE

Whether you learnt it through movies, social media or the odd book your parents threw at you when you were young, a lot of what you’ve believed to be true about how you’re “supposed” to look in order to be “sexy” couldn’t be further from the truth…

There is so much shame that surrounds the very IDEA of pleasure in our society, and maybe even threat or fear – “you aren’t going out dressed like that are you?!” …she was “asking for it” they say.

It’s no wonder that we are uncomfortable talking about such deliciousness, so if you’re squirming in your seat right now – you are not alone!

There are a lot of mixed messages out there when it comes to your pleasure as a woman, but the truth is…

Your pleasure is your superpower. 

Your pleasure is SACRED.

And I’m here to teach you how to reclaim your POWER through knowing your body intimately and connecting with your sensual self.

What to Expect in the Sacred Pleasure Membership

This is your invitation to experience deep healing at a body-based level while infusing pleasure into every single fibre of your being!

The Sacred Pleasure Membership is the perfect way to make pleasure, connection and sensual practices a part of your regular practice in a monthly membership. 

You will discover how to:

  • Activate your turn-on
  • Increase your self-love
  • Reconnect to your sensual self
  • Release shame and conditioning
  • Cultivate safety and trust in your body
  • Experience deep healing
  • Receive nourishment for your soul
  • Ground your nervous system

Leaving you feeling confident, alive and sexy in your body!

The Sacred Pleasure Membership is for you if…

  • You are a woman or female-identifying human who wants MORE pleasure in your life
  • You are longing to reconnect to your body and COME ALIVE!
  • You want to slow down and enjoy a regular practice of self-care, self-love and self-pleasure
  • You desire deeply to unlock your full sensual radiance and magnetism
  • You are ready to release body shame and liberate yourself from old stories about how a woman “should” be
  • You are excited to learn the potent tools and practices to cultivate deep self-trust and self-nourishment
  • You want to activate your turn-on as a source of healing and empowerment to boost your confidence
  • You are ready to transform your relationship with your body and your pleasure into one of sacred worship and self-honour

This is your permission to re-write the old scripts…

It’s time to throw out the “rule book” and the outdated narratives of perfectionism and being a “good girl”!

The Sacred Pleasure Membership invites you to drop the shackles of shame and discover how to thrive both in the bedroom AND the boardroom. 

If your relationship to your sensuality and pleasure isn’t quite yet where you’d like them to be… Let me show you how to activate your body in a way that lights up your whole life!

How you show up in the bedroom is how you show up in your life, so when you begin to heal and transform your sexuality, you heal and transform your entire life!

Your body and your turn-on is the key to unlocking not only your greatest pleasure but also your true power, your deep wisdom and your highest purpose in life.


In Sacred Pleasure Membership you will discover:

  • Activating Your Turn-On
  • Up-levelling Your Pleasure
  • Manifesting Your Desires
  • Sacred Body-Love
  • Reconnecting to Pussy
  • Worthiness & Enoughness
  • Orgasmic Mastery
  • Your Emotional Power
  • Sensuality & Money
  • Empowerment in Your Truth
  • Intimacy & Relationships
  • Reclaim Your Voice
  • Cultivating Boundaries & Safety

Dive deep into Sacred Sexuality {aka tantra}, Pleasure Practices, Meditations, Rituals, Embodiment, Breathwork & tons MORE nourishment & support for you and your body.

You will receive…

✨ 20 Recorded Workshops

Take a deep dive into the theme of the month to clear the blockages and limitations on your path to fully reclaim your sacred pleasure.

✨ 20 Recorded Pleasure Practices

Reconnect to your sacred body, liberate more pleasure, release body shame, cultivate deep trust in yourself, step into your confidence and feel alive, sexy and free!

✨ Integration with Q&A’s each month 

You are invited to email in your questions and receive coaching around whatever is coming up for you on the themes of the month, while you dive deeper into exploring your sexuality.

✨ Meditations, Rituals and Journaling Prompts

Explore each monthly theme even more deeply with guided meditations, rituals and journaling prompts to uncover old beliefs and heal your connection with your body, your sensuality and your truth.

✨ On-Demand Pleasure Portal Online Library

With this library of on-demand practices in your back pocket, you can reconnect back to your body, to your turn-on and ground your nervous system to your heart’s desire!

All super discrete in the privacy of your own home.

Do you desire more private support?

Introducing the Sacred Pleasure Hybrid…The Super Sexy Option!

The Sacred Pleasure Hybrid is perfect if you aren’t quite ready for Private Coaching but still want some personalized private support each month.

In the Sacred Pleasure Hybrid, you receive the Sacred Pleasure Membership, PLUS a 60-minute Private Coaching Call with Kim each month.

We will deep dive into whatever you’d like to in your 60-minute Private Coaching Session. Some examples are…reconnecting to your body, reclaiming your pleasure, exploring your sexuality, releasing blocks where you are feeling stuck, breathwork, embodiment, somatic healing or going deeper on a monthly theme in the SPM, it is all welcome…or simply show up and allow me to guide you toward your desires.

You will receive a booking link to schedule your Private Coaching Sessions when they work for you.

Access to Sacred Pleasure Membership is included in the Sacred Pleasure Hybrid.

No long-term commitment.

Note: unused sessions cannot be carried over beyond 30 days.


Your Investment for the Sacred Pleasure Membership

Sexy Option – $44/month

Super Sexy Option – $244/month

(Super Sexy includes the Membership + a 60 min Private Coaching Call each month)



This is for every straight, bi, queer, cis gendered, female identifying and non-binary human.

You are ALL welcome. 

The only requirement is that you are OPEN to reconnecting & aligning with your body, your p🌙ssy AND your p💥wer. 

{even if “that” word, triggers you right now} I get it, it used to trigger me once upon a time.

But even then, I had a feeling…call it a hunch, there was something there for me, even though I was very against the wording.  It’s about the reclamation of the word and taking our power back from all the places we’ve been most disempowered. Our sensuality being a HUGE place.

So, if you are catching yourself reading my posts, watching from the sidelines, checking out this sign-up page…I invite you to trust yourself…to sign-up and join us. I promise, this is for you too.

It will be the most incredible empowering journey…even if you can only catch the replay’s and recordings, you will leave with immense practices and tools that connect you to your body, to your sensuality and to the inner essence of who you are.


No problem, life happens! Everything is recorded and you will be able to access it on your time.

If you are struggling to find time, consider signing up for the Super Sexy Option that includes a 60 min private coaching call with Kim and let’s discover what is going on for you and set up some accountability.

These practices are something that you will return to over and over again to reconnect to your body and your pleasure. And you will have access to them as long as you are registered for the Sacred Pleasure Membership


Look I get it, maybe you’re stuck “mom-ing”, “wife-ing” or “working” and there just seems to be no time left for you.

Well, consider this your PERMISSION SLIP to make time for you. Coz, if you don’t, nobody will do it for you.

It is time to give yourself permission to show up for yourself, to be yourself, to heal, to make time for you, to be messy about it and finally say YES to YOU.


I will guide you through various sacred pleasure practices, chakra and energy practices to build connection to your body, while releasing powerful blocks of judgment, guilt, shame and limiting beliefs.

I’ll also include nourishing embodiment practices to cut through the “story”, decrease your stress levels, balance your hormones, ignite your turn-on, embrace your sensual power and enhance your overall turn-on!

There will be time for integration, coaching and questions in each workshop.

Your cameras will ALWAYS be off for pleasure practices and you will be muted except for integration and Q&A time…if you decide to turn them on.

You are NEVER naked on camera.

AND, I’ll always invite you to trust yourself and NOT do anything that does not feel aligned with you or your body. ALWAYS.

If you miss a live Q&A session, no worries, you will find the recording sessions within 48 hours in your program portal. And you will have access to them all as long as you are registered for the Sacred Pleasure Membership.


I recommend that you have a safe, comfortable, private space where you won’t be disturbed.

Anywhere where you are able to lay down and move around if you wish for the practice sessions. The option to lock a door is enough.

If you’d like some ideas around sound options, simply ask during one of the live workshops.


Sacred Sexuality {aka Tantra} is a practice that is part of the ancient spiritual path. In Sanskrit, the word tantra means to “weave” the physical with the spiritual.

Sacred Sexuality can be practiced solo or as a couple and it is a beautiful way to connect with your body, your sexuality, and your pleasure, allowing you to access deeper levels of your feelings, sensations, and energies and ultimately go beyond WHO YOU ARE.

The Tantric path is acknowledging your depth and integrating yourself, so you are in greater alignment and fully accepting of who you REALLY are.

The focus isn’t on “fixing” yourself because there is NOT anything wrong with you.

Instead, we focus on:

🌹 Bringing in compassion and approval for everything you do and feel in the present and in the past

🌹 Loving and accepting all parts of yourself…even the parts you dislike or the parts that have been shamed, dismissed, or discouraged

🌹 Going deeper into understanding who you are and what you truly believe and feel

🌹 Reconnecting to your body, cultivating safety and trust along with everything else I mentioned above, so you are able to release deep shame and conditioning

🌹 Following your pleasure, using it to guide you AND to rewire the neuro pathways between your body and your brain

🌹 Allowing it all to come together to bring your body naturally into alignment.

The practices are incredible at helping release shame, trauma, and blockages around your body, your pleasure, being your authentic self, asking for what you want, your “enoughness” and your too muchness…and so much more.


I totally hear you. Maybe you’re worried that you’re going to end up disappointed, numb and pleasureless forever. I used to worry that it would work for everyone else …but not for me.

I want you to know that it is TOTALLY normal to have these fears AND the benefits of simply looking at your sexuality, your pleasure and reconnecting to your body far outweigh the cost of NOT taking that step!

You see, I wasn’t always this way… Empowered in my truth and confident in my voice. I was so shut down, numb and disconnected from my body, my sexuality and my relationships.

This impacted every single area of my life. From business, to friends… From how I felt each day, to how I handled stress… From my marriage, to raising kids. It is ALL connected.

First, I had to heal my own trauma, reclaim my life, reconnect to my body, and to my truth, and remember WHO I AM …who I always was underneath.

I found my way back… and so can you!


If you are a female identifying human in this world, you hold some level of sexual trauma in your body, whether that’s personal, collective, or ancestral.

The work and practices I offer are designed to be deeply supportive for your nervous system, allowing you to come into the present moment, building trust and consent with yourself every step of the way.

We work at a pace that works for you, never pushing for breakthroughs but really tuning into the wisdom of your body. We’ll work together to rewrite the relationship you have with your body into one of unconditional self-love and acceptance.


Yes!  And if you secretly want to play with your sensuality, pleasure and reconnect to your body…this is the place to be.

We have thousands of years of conditioning telling us that our sensuality is shameful or bad. 

So it’s totally normal to feel nervous, shy AND excited when you start this sacred work!

Permission to lean into your curiosity, trust your body…your secret desires, and your fears all at once, and join me in the membership. 

Because I promise after every LIVE or RECORDED training and practice you will leave feeling…

💥 Reconnected to your body

💥 Sensual in your skin

💥 Alive, free and turned ON

💥 With a new sense of trust with yourself

💥 Confident in exploring further


Your investment is $44/month for the Membership or you can add on a 60 min coaching call each month for the Super Sexy option of $244/month.

Your rate gets locked in forever…or until you cancel.


Absolutely, you can cancel at any time from your account or simply contact us and we can cancel your membership for you.


If you desire more private support, book a free discovery call with me here to discuss the option of private coaching.

My private clients also receive the Sacred Pleasure Membership as a bonus along with private support.