Do you find yourself working really hard for periods in your biz & life, then burning out or getting sick and feeling utterly exhausted?

Are you tired of running around trying to get everything done and dreaming of the day you’ll have more time for you?

Are you tired of trying to convince people how amazing your work is or feel like you are stuck in imposture syndrome?

Do you somewhere deep inside have this intuitive hit, that there has to be another less stressful way?

Do you desire to feel confident in your offers, turned on in your body, excited for what’s to come, with a nourishing, grounded, pussified, body & soul aligned plan, that will attract clients into your biz with ease, pleasure & profit?

If so…Pussify Your Biz, Body & Life IS for you.

There is another way, to use your body as a brilliant GPS, and I’m going to teach you how.

It’s time to slow down and learn how to trust your BODY for every single decision you want to make for your business, your body and your life. 

This may sound backwards but hear me out. 

Our body knows the next absolutely perfect step for us.

Our body knows the next nutrient it needs, the proper amount of hydration, rest, exercise, pleasure.

You name it, our body is brilliant at guiding us down the right path, that is PERFECT for us.

So why wouldn’t it know how to make other aligned decisions for your body and for the rest of your life?

{Hint: it does!!}

It EVEN knows what is the next best step for YOU to take in your business!

However, since we were very small, this has been de conditioned out of us. 

Many of us have been told to sit down, be quiet, cross our legs and behave in a certain way…many times against, what our body needed at that time.

And as we start to “conform” and act like we are “supposed” to, slowly we stop listening to our body’s innate wisdom.

This creates this huge rupture in our body, disconnecting us from our intuition, our truth and our purpose.

Ultimately we can get stuck going through the motions, over working, people pleasing and being a “good girl/human”…and before we know it we don’t even know what our body wants anymore.

Think of all the messages we receive…

  • “no pain, no gain”
  • “put your nose to the grindstone”
  • “just do it”
  • “children are to be seen and not heard”
  • “push yourself hard”
  • “suck it up”

Many of us received these messages from parents, teachers, family members and media. And if we didn’t receive it directly, most likely our parents did.

The solution, to RECONNECT to our body.

It’s time to come back into our body, reconnect to our inner knowing and our truth. 

To come home to ourselves and cultivate epic trust and deep grounding in our body and our nervous system.

And then use the new relationship we’ve formed to create the life we desire.

The biz we desire. The relationships we desire. 

This is empowered living, working and BEING. 

It all starts with you. 

It’s time to Pussify Your Biz, Body & Life

Biz, Body & Life?  

Curious why all 3 in one coaching container?

Coz it’s all connected. 

You can’t up-level one without looking at the other two. 

Business strategy, embodiment, sensuality, empowerment, pleasure & nervous system support…

All in a 4 month Private One-on-One Coaching container.  

To ground your nervous system, create epic trust in yourself and to pussify your biz, body & life.

$5000 paid in full or $1400 x 4 payments

BUT, only till Friday July 22nd…then it goes up to…

$6000 paid in full or $1650 x 4 payments

Book a free call with me here to get your questions answered or claim your spot using the button below!

don’t delay…only 4 spots are available

This is for you if you’ve been running your biz for years, teetering towards burnout and feel you are missing a key piece that makes your biz so much easier, feels more body & soul aligned, and allows you to pay yourself the way you desire.

This is for you if you just started your biz and you want direction setting a powerful foundation that doesn’t exhaust your energy and instead feels like the biz you’ve always dreamed of, with the scheduled you crave, fully aligned to your energy, life and goals.

This is for you if you desire to shift gears and move towards a new calling/offer/niche but are not quite sure if you should…you are stuck wobbling, doubting and know you need some support to calm your nervous system, and realign with your bodies true yes’s and no’s, to give you the outcomes you desire. 

Pussify Your Biz, Body & Life will leave you feeling confident in your offers, turned on in your body, excited for what’s to come, with a nourishing, grounded, pussified body & soul aligned plan, that will attract client to you and your biz with ease, pleasure and profit!

You can expect to..

💋 get out of your head, come back into your body & feel safe going after your desires, even if no one else is doing it the way you envision

💋 ground your nervous system & create epic boundaries that serve you, your unique life and leave you feeling safe, happy & fulfilled

💋 reconnect to your body, it’s innate wisdom & power and use it to create the business of your dreams

💋 trust your body when it says “Yes” or “No”, instead of doubting & “shoulding” yourself

💋 stop the doubting & second guessing, instead make decisions that turn your body ON and make you dance a jig, because you are so excited and can’t wait to share it with the world

💋 create epic confidence in yourself that is from deep within…no makeup, clothes or mindset can create this powerful true confidence

💋 reclaim the places you’ve been disempowered…voice, truth, body, boundaries, money, sexuality, “playing small”, the “perfectionist”, the “good girl” and everywhere else…and start BEING YOU

💋 cultivate safety in your body & mind, so you can show up as your authentic powerful self

💋 release trauma & messaging that is holding you back from the biz, body & life you desire

💋 speak your embodied truth, without fear because you have connected with the deep wisdom in your body

💋 Streamline tasks, create the calendar of your dreams and the offers you desire to share with the world

💋 infuse your biz & life with pleasure…which will make everything so much more fun & so much easier, so you can stop DOING and start BEING…while increasing your bottom line

💋 create the successful business aligned with your inner knowing & purpose that makes you smile a huge smile as you seduce yourself out of bed each morning

💋 also, create the pleasurable life with deep love & connection to your body that feels empowering, grounded & nourishing

You get to have your cake…and eat it too!!

My path very well might not be your path. And that’s ok.

I’m going to show you how to trust your body and forge YOUR path.

Starts with a 2 hour business, body & life intensive to gain clarity on where you are at, uncover what you desire in each of these key areas, and create an in-depth plan to move forward.

From there, your sessions are tailored to you, your biz, your body and your life.

If you want a fun, pleasure filled summer, but you also want a kick ass fall…Now is the time to build that foundation. 

You can expect your coaching to include…

  • Biz Strategy & Marketing
  • Practices to reconnect you to the innate wisdom of your body
  • Designing programs & pricing offers
  • Boundary Setting
  • Pleasure & Embodiment 
  • Fine tuning your niche & messaging
  • Time Management Practices
  • Grounding & Nervous System Regulation
  • Powerful somatic tools to release any fears and limiting beliefs you are holding around your body & your biz

All mixed into Private One-on-One Coaching…

All tailored to you, your desires & your unique circumstances.

Already have a couple of these areas mastered? No problem! We will work on what you need next.


Why me??

A handful of years ago I started pussifying my life…infusing it with pleasure, creating epic boundaries, speaking my truth, learning how to trust my body, adding in delicious embodiment, ease, flow and sensuality.

It has been an incredible reclamation journey of stepping into my unapologetic authentic power, that I was craving for years.

Then I decided to pussify my body.

I started reconnecting to my sacred pleasure using tantra, embodiment & somatic practices.

I have embraced incredible empowerment of my body on such a deep level, by reconnecting to my p.ūssy and the innate wisdom of my womb.

End result: epic pleasure, the deepest inner knowing and trust. 

Yet, I deeply desired to bring this pussification into my biz, but I had no clue how to integrate the two.

Fast forward 4 years…I’ve figured out how, I’ve integrated the wisdom of body, my intuition and my pleasure into my biz.

I’ve fully Pussified my entire life…my relationships, my parenting, my day-to-day…including my business.

I have 25+ years of entrepreneurship experience in a variety of businesses both online and in person.

I’m an organizational master, a pleasure & embodiment QUEEN and tech is just one of my many superpowers.

I am a Trauma Informed, Somatic Empowerment & Sexuality Coach, as well as a VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Female Sexuality Coach, Tantric Sex Coach and founder of Get Your Sexy Back.

I specialize in empowerment, confidence, creating trust and safety in our bodies and in our minds, self-love, pleasure, sensuality, business, intimacy with self and in relationships, as well as relationship transformation for couples, jade egg, tantra and sacred sexuality.

I’ve studied extensively with Layla Martin (Vita/SLRC), Mama Gena (School of Womanly Arts), Sheila Kelly (S Factor), Bernadette Pleasant (Femme) and many other world renowned leaders.

Plus, numerous programs specializing in Social Media, Launching, Biz Strategy, Marketing, Trauma Integration, Vagus Nerve Activation, Wealth, Lymphatics, Human Design and more. 

I am passionate about leading a life based on PLEASURE, FLOW, EASE and tapping into the divine feminine within my body, as my power source.

I teach singles and couples how to RECONNECT to their body, ACTIVATE their turn-on, HEAL heartbreak💔& shame, and RECLAIM the places they’ve been disempowered, so they can step into their UNAPOLOGETIC POWER.

In their relationships, in their businesses, in their body and in their lives.

I am honoured to be on this journey with you.

This is for you if

You feel stressed with what you are currently doing and you desire clarity on what’s next, along with ease and pleasure in your day-to-day, including when you are running your biz.

You desire to feel confident in selling your programs and stand behind your prices with ease.

You desire to trust the innate wisdom that is already inside your body.

You desire to feel so grounded that you magnetize your clients to you effortlessly.

You desire to have a schedule that serves you and allows you to serve your clients. Like not working till noon each day. Instead using that time to nourish & strengthen your body however you desire?  This was my desire 4.5 years ago, now it is my reality. 

You’ve tried all the biz programs, but it’s not working for you the way you thought.

You keep signing up for certification, after certification to make sure you are “qualified” enough.

You desire to feel connected to your body, present to your sensations and allow your body to be your GPS, guiding you towards your dreams. 

{Including in your relationships, your sensuality, your transformation and biz success however you desire that to look}

4 months coaching term

  • 60 min sessions 3x a month. Your weekly calls are where you bring your questions and challenges you have, or just show up and let me guide you towards your desires.
  • Your first session is 2 hour business, body & life intensive to gain clarity on where you are at, uncover what you desire in each of these key areas, and create an in-depth plan to move forward.
  • Unlimited messaging support in-between your sessions. This is where the real work happens. You’ll try a new thing, start promoting a new program or something will activate your body and shit will hit the fan…I’ll be ready to help you process and integrate whatever it is.
  • Change only happens in action, while you are living your life and running your biz…not only on our calls. Plus, you’ll also be kicking ass, having some quantum level shifts and needing a place to celebrate and digest all of the goodness happening in your life…I can’t wait for those messages too!
  • With Private Coaching you have my full attention to uncover and release what is in your way and holding you back while cultivating epic safety and trust within you and your body.
  • Private coaching is where we can fine tune and go way deeper than we can in group programs collapsing your timeline exponentially.
  • I offer A LOT of accountability and yet I know first-hand how challenging it can feel when we are stuck in the muck. Most of the time we are too close and too caught up in what is going on in our biz and our day-to-day.
  • My job as your coach is to help you balance and create safety in your nervous system at the same time, so you can get unstuck and move into thriving.

+ Access to the Sacred Pleasure Membership

{4 months of extra deep embodiment, mixed with sensual pleasure}

$5000 paid in full or $1400 x 4 payments

BUT, only till Friday July 22nd…then it goes up to…

$6000 paid in full or $1650 x 4 payments

Only 4 spots available

Book a free call with me below to get your questions answered & claim your spot!

Don’t wait! Price increases to $6000 or $1650/month as of July 23rd!

One Payment

$6,000Pay in full

Payment Option

$1,650per month for 4 Months



Infusing pleasure into your biz, body & life will ground your nervous system and allow you to stay balanced when things get stressful.

It will allow you to take epic care of yourself, making you a priority, and allow you to “keep your cup full”, instead of teetering on exhaustion and burnout.

This will help you to continue to serve others however you desire with ease…taking care of your kids, family and clients, but without the exhaustion.  

Pleasure will reconnect you to your innate wisdom of your body, creating the ability for you to tune into your inner “yes” and your inner “no”.

This means, no more doubting or wobbling on decisions because you know deep in your bones the right answer every time. 

And if you allow it to, pleasure will guide you towards your desires for your life, your relationships and your business.

This is sovereignty.

Pleasure is THE tool that we want to start with now.

Not sure what that means yet, no problem. That’s what I am here to teach you.

Hop on a call with me here and let’s see if Pussify Your Biz, Body & Life is for you.


This is for every straight, bi, queer, cis gendered, female identifying and non-binary human.

You are ALL welcome. 

The only requirement is that you are OPEN to reconnecting & aligning with your body, your p🌙ssy AND your p💥wer and using it to up-level your biz, body and life…the way you desire.

{even if that “pussy” word, triggers you right now}

I get it, it used to trigger me once upon a time.

But even then, I had a feeling, call it a hunch, there was something there for me, even though I was very against the wording. 

It’s about the reclamation of the word and taking our power back from all the places we’ve been most disempowered.

Our sensuality being a HUGE place.

So, if you are catching yourself reading my posts, watching from the sidelines, checking out this sign-up page…and desire some guidance and accountability to Pussify Your Biz, Body & Life, I invite you to trust yourself…and hop on a call with me.

I promise, this is for you too.

And it will be the most incredible empowering journey.

Book a free call with me here to get all your questions answered.


Sacred Pleasure is all part of Sacred Sexuality. It is a practice that is part of the ancient spiritual path known as tantra mixed with pleasure and embodiment.

Sacred Pleasure and Sacred Sexuality can be practiced solo or as a couple and it is a beautiful way to connect with your body, your sensuality and your pleasure, allowing you to access deeper levels of your feelings, sensations, and energies and ultimately go beyond WHO YOU ARE.

The Tantric path is acknowledging the depth of who you are and integrating yourself, so you are in greater alignment and remember who you REALLY are.

However, you aren’t focused on “fixing” yourself because there isn’t anything wrong with you.

Instead, we focus on:

🌹 Bringing in compassion and approval for everything you do and feel in the present and in the past

🌹 Loving and accepting all parts of yourself…even the parts you dislike or the parts that have been shamed, dismissed, or discouraged

🌹 Going deeper into understanding who you are and what you truly believe and feel

🌹 Reconnecting to your body, cultivating safety and trust along with everything else I mentioned above, so you are able to release deep shame and conditioning

🌹 Following your pleasure, using it to guide you AND to rewire the neuro pathways between your body and your brain

🌹 Allowing it all to come together to bring your body naturally into alignment.

The practices are incredible at helping release shame, trauma, and blockages around your body, your pleasure, being your authentic self, asking for what you want, your “enoughness” and your too muchness…and so much more.

These practices restore the transformative power of your sacred energy, your unapologetic energy and lead you to up-level how you feel pleasure, turn-on, joy and passion more intensely within your body.

Sacred Sexuality is for couples and singles who want holistic deeper sensual, embodied and energy practices to take them on an exquisite sacred sensual adventure where sensuality also becomes a door to the divine, creating a more intimate experience of the present moment.

My coaching is aligned with applying classical Tantric teachings and uses Neo-Tantric practices to really meet my clients where they are at and help them with their modern issues and desires around love, relationships, body, intimacy, connection empowerment and sensuality on the whole.


Yes!  And if you secretly want to play with your sensuality, pleasure and reconnect to your body…this is the place to be.

We have thousands of years of conditioning telling us that our sensuality is shameful or bad. 

So it’s totally normal to feel nervous, shy AND excited when you start this sacred work!

Permission to lean into your curiosity, trust your body…your secret desires, and your fears all at once, and receive the support you desire to pussify your biz, body & life!


If you are a female identifying human in this world, you hold some level of sexual trauma in your body.

Not to negate humans who do hold sexual trauma from sexual assault or abuse in their body. {I am one of those women}

The work and practices I offer are NOT to be something we “DO” like a heavy weightlifting, RA, RA, RA, workout!  There is no such thing as “no pain, no gain” in my world.

The basic core of this beautiful deep nourishing healing work is not about that for me.

It is not about getting it done and running to the next thing.  It is not about more doing.

This work, coming into and listening to our body allows us to slow down, come into the present moment and BE with what is.

My work is about reconnecting to your body, following your pleasure and going super, super slow, while asking consent from your body every single moment.

It is about rewriting the relationship you have with your body, with your connection to self and with your pleasure.

It is about healing and learning to trust yourself and your body. And then expanding from there.

Setting up practice time is sacred and it can be a beautiful mediation and practice.

This is how I teach my clients. This is what I will invite you into. This is what you can expect when you say yes to working with me.

And our stuff…our trauma… will show up. Our bodies are brilliant, and they want to heal.

I am a Trauma Informed Somatic Empowerment & Sexuality Coach. And when we work together, I will teach you many tools to regulate, support and nourish yourself.

Some trauma will be processed and integrated, some you may need some extra support from a licensed therapist.

If you need some help determining where you are at and what you need, don’t hesitate to book a free call with me.

However, it is my belief and experience that when we go super slow and support ourselves and our bodies we can heal. And the results of this healing are phenomenal.

Xoxo Kim 💋


Your investment until Friday July 22nd is $5000, or $1400/month. As of Saturday July 23rd the rate is increasing to $6000, or $1650/month. Book a call now with me below, to get your questions answered or sign-up here to get started right away and save your spot!

If you have more questions, message me or hop on a call with me, using the link below to discuss.