Tired Lately?

This is why you’re so tired all day. 

When you pictured your life at this age, did you imagine you’d feel this exhausted?

I know you’re working your ass off to create an amazing life.

You want the best for yourself and your family. 

And yet. 

You’re so tired. 

And you might find yourself resistant to doing the things you know you “should” do. 

(Hello long list of emails that you’re totally NOT ignoring)

Here’s why. 

Your work isn’t aligned with your body. 

What does that mean?

That means you’re so used to “pushing through” and “getting it done whatever it takes” that you don’t listen to what your body wants. 

Your body wants a nap at 1:30 because it’s hot and your energy is low.

But you ignore it for the sake of productivity. 

Now your body is working double time to try and keep up. 

So, what if instead of fighting it, you listened to what it wants and you take a nap that leaves you refreshed and ready to be productive again.

Or you let go of finishing all the chores today and read a book instead.

So that when you do feel motivated, it’s easy to knock all the chores quickly. 

If you are anything like me…I used to think that following your body was a load of woo-woo BS. 

If you want success in life – you have to work for it, right? 

But let me tell you…My life CHANGED when I learned that my business grows faster when I rest. 

My family is happier when I have fun.

And that adding daily PLEASURE made it easier to chill out and confidently make decisions. 

I’m here if you’re ready to learn how to do this!
You know what to do 👉 https://getyoursexyback.ca/pussify-your-biz-body-life/