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Get Your Sexy Back Program - GYSB
Unleash your irresistible radiance, reclaim your body confidence and turn-on to a life of luxurious pleasure!

Rediscover Your Sensual Power: Reignite your connection with your body and desires, moving from exhaustion to vibrantly alive, as you confidently embrace your authentic sensuality.


Cultivate Unbreakable Confidence: Uncover the tools to silence self-doubt, set boundaries, and ask for what you truly deserve, transforming your relationships and life.


Experience Passionate Fulfillment: Reclaim your everyday pleasure, passion, and joy, creating a life that’s fueled by your desires and empowered by your newfound radiance.

Embark on an 8-week odyssey of sensual revival and watch as your inner fire rekindles, leaving you empowered, confident, and exuding magnetic allure.

Program Starts on April 16th, 2024


Super Early Bird on till Jan 26th, 2024
Early Bird on till Feb 14th, 2024
Cart Closes April 12th, 2024

Picture this:

Imagine a life where you walk into a room, and your presence commands attention – where confidence oozes from every step and your sensuality ignites a magnetic allure that’s impossible to resist.

From awakening your desires to embracing your body’s untamed power, Get Your Sexy Back guides you through a tantalizing dance of self-discovery, leaving you with a newfound confidence, an irresistible sensuality, and a life that’s vibrant with joy.

If you’re ready to reignite your inner fire and live boldly as the captivating woman you’ve always been – your journey to reclaiming your sexy starts here. It’s time to unveil the radiant, empowered woman within you.

Step into a world where pleasure is your birthright, boundaries are your fortress, and sensuality is your superpower!

Stuck in the loop of exhaustion and yearning?

If you’re reading this, the chances are you’ve found yourself in a cycle of putting everyone else’s needs before your own.

Yes, that’s right. Mothers, business women, dedicated caregivers – I’m talking to you.

You’ve taken on roles that demand your attention, leaving little room to nourish your own desires.

Somewhere along the way, you might have felt disconnected from your sensual self, leaving you drained and wondering “Is this all there is?” – but deep down, you just know there has to be more…

Think you’ve tried everything, yet you’re still searching?

You’ve been through the motions, chasing after fleeting fixes – workouts, diets, even that yoga class or jade egg practice that promised a shift.

Yet, deep within, something remains unfulfilled.The attempts to numb out with a glass of wine or comfort food, or bury yourself in work or caregiving, only leave you more disconnected from the very essence of who you are.

The hamster wheel of survival has kept you trapped, desperately seeking a way to break free from the exhaustion that’s become your companion.

Tired of carrying the weight of ‘shoulds’ and unspoken desires?

In a world full of expectations and ‘shoulds,’ you’ve diligently followed the paths laid out for you.

But that spark of something more, that whisper of untamed desires, grows louder with each passing day.

The ‘shoulds’ have led to burnout, stifling your sensual nature and leaving you feeling imprisoned within a life that doesn’t quite fit.

Your pain is real, and your longing for something deeper, something truly satisfying, is a call you can no longer ignore.

Don’t settle for fleeting fixes that leave you unfulfilled – say goodbye to the weight of ‘shoulds’ and answer the call of your untamed desires.

“I have been struggling for years with comparing myself to others, thinking that I wasn’t good enough to be there. Looking down on myself as inferior to them. This morning, I pushed through a trying experience using the tools Kim has taught me with her Sexy Back approach. Thank you Kim! You are truly an amazing coach and bring so many amazing tools to help me push through the hardest of barriers.”

 Carrie Hofman

I’m an empowerment and sexuality teacher, speaker, coach and best-selling author here to help you Get Your Sexy Back!

I’ve synthesized over 26 years of entrepreneurship, 13+ years of coaching, and extensive training in trauma-informed somatic practices into the Get Your Sexy Back program.

I’m here to support women, like you, to reconnect with your body, activate your inner power, heal past wounds, and unlock self-love and empowerment.

I understand that the journey to Get Your Sexy Back can be challenging, as I’ve walked that path myself.

At one point, my life felt like a never-ending struggle of over-giving, self-doubt, and trying to meet societal expectations.

It was a cycle of exhaustion, guilt, and feeling disconnected from my true desires.

My turning point came when I decided to invest in myself and embark on a journey of self-reclamation.

Through years of dedicated work and guidance from mentors, I found my way back to my body and sensuality. This transformation shifted my perspective on life.

Now, I’m here to guide you on your journey to a life filled with pleasure, confidence, and unapologetic power. Let’s embark on this empowering adventure together.

It’s time to… Get Your Sexy Back!

This 8-week online program is a comprehensive journey to help you rediscover your inner radiance and embrace your unique sensuality.

Whether you’ve lost touch with your sexy self or are seeking a deeper connection to your body and desires, this program is your path to empowerment and transformation.

Throughout the 8 weeks, you’ll engage in:

  • 90-minute weekly live group coaching calls
  • Guided embodiment and breathwork practices
  • Somatic tools for healing and transformation
  • Journaling and sharing within a supportive community
  • Actionable homework for tangible progress

“Prior to working with Kim, I was craving a deeper connection to my body and pussy. When women talked about ‘what pussy wanted’ I had no idea what they were talking about. During the program, I felt safe and supported in exploring my connection to pussy, to sensuality, to pleasure. I have a stronger connection to my own body and I listen to her more than I ever have. I realized that this work starts with me, but will lead to increased pleasure and intimacy with myself and future partners. Kim has a grounding energy that makes it easy to open up to. I am so grateful I made this investment in myself.”

Taryn Weil

This 8-week voyage of sensual self-discovery is your beacon of hope and transformation for women who:

Crave emotional balance and trust in your instincts to navigate life’s challenges with grace, leaving self-doubt behind.

Seek to discover your true desires, gain unwavering confidence, embrace lasting calm and trust in your inner wisdom.

Dream of making “me time” a cherished ritual, free from guilt and master epic self-care and transform your mindset.

Aspire to leave judgment behind and unleash your sensuality, feeling truly alive, sexy, and empowered.

Yearn to express your truth, voice, and desires with confidence and set boundaries that honour your needs.

Long to break free from societal conditioning and reconnect with your inner goddess and authentic self.

Desire to create a sanctuary within your mind and body and surrender to sacred practices for deep empowerment.

Wish to harness the power of sexual energy for your desires and awaken your libido and enrich satisfaction.

This program isn’t about quick fixes or empty promises – it’s a revolutionary journey designed to guide you out of the shadows of exhaustion and into the brilliance of your authentic self.

The Blueprint For Your Erotic Renaissance

Through my unique 4-pillar approach, you’ll bridge the gap between where you are now – burdened, disconnected, and yearning – and where you desire to be – vibrant, confident, and irresistibly sensual.

Nervous System Regulation

Somatic Mastery: Explore tools like felt sense, breathwork, and body scan meditation to regulate your nervous system.

Trust Your Instincts: Cultivate unwavering trust in your daily decisions, whether in personal or intimate moments.

Overcome Overwhelm: Develop check-in routines to prevent and manage overwhelming feelings throughout your day.

Inner Critic Control: Discover techniques to silence your inner critic and replace it with self-approval.

Calm in Simplicity: Implement easy yet potent practices for tranquillity and unshakable confidence.

Everyday Pleasure & Sensuality

Self-Care Mastery: Dive into profound self-care and mindset shifts, shedding guilt associated with personal time.

Release the Silent Vow: Untangle vows that hinder feeling deserving of pleasure, embracing your sensuality.

Small Pleasures, Big Impact: Explore transformative power in infusing daily life with small pleasures.

Unleash Your Sensual Self: Awaken your inner sensual essence for a vibrant, liberated body.

Prioritize Self-Care: Master daily self-prioritization without guilt, complementing other responsibilities.

Empowerment & Personal Sovereignty

Sovereignty Over Truth and Desires: Achieve complete sovereignty over your truth, voice, and desires.

Confidence in Asking: Develop unwavering confidence to articulate desires and requests.

Reclaim Your Yes & No: Take back control over boundaries, expressing “yes” and “no” confidently.

Worthiness and Deservingness: Address deep-seated worthiness and deservingness issues.

Mastering Boundaries: Learn to establish robust, healthy boundaries with self-assured confidence.

The Power of Asking: Dive into the profound impact of asking for what you want.

Sacred Sexuality & Pleasure

Reconnect with Your Inner Goddess: Rediscover the divine essence within you and embrace the sacred oracle residing between your thighs.

Manifest with Sexual Energy: Harness your sexual energy to manifest desires across all life aspects.

Release Toxic Conditioning: Free yourself from societal conditioning surrounding sexuality and welcome your authentic self without reservations.

Elevate Your Pleasure: Experience heightened pleasure, including enhanced orgasms and achieve a richer sense of satisfaction in your intimate life.

Safety and Full Pleasure: Create a sanctuary within your brain and body to activate and fully embrace your pleasure without inhibitions.

Unleash your inner radiance, reclaim your desires, and awaken your sensual fire – it’s time to reignite your inner goddess!

What to expect when you Get Your Sexy Back: 

Emotional Mastery: Attain emotional balance, clarity, and lasting calm.

Self-Trust & Confidence: Develop unwavering self-trust, confidence, and inner strength

Overcome Overwhelm: Manage overwhelming feelings, replacing inner criticism with self-approval.

Sensual Liberation: Awaken your inner sensuality and unleash your true desires

Holistic Well-Being: Master epic self-care, prioritize self-prioritization, and shift from burnout to empowerment.

Empowerment & Boundaries: Achieve sovereignty over your voice, desires, and boundaries.

Inner Transformation: Dive into sacred practices, releasing shame, trauma, and societal conditioning.

Enhanced Pleasure: Elevate your pleasure and awaken your libido.

Manifestation Power: Harness sexual energy for manifestation, experiencing heightened satisfaction.

Inner Wisdom: Cultivate your inner knowing and trust your innate wisdom.

“Kim is a powerful force in this universe. Her innate ability to heal and get to the bottom of the issue is quite remarkable. She has brought so much change and transformation in my life. She is a woman you want by your side and in your corner for life! There are so many things in my life that would not have been possible without her guidance and support. She lifted me up and gave me the strength and courage to live a life I am proud of and for that, I will be eternally grateful.”

April Hungerford-Filiczkowski

Your Investment

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Early Bird


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Cart Closes

April 12th 



What’s holding you back?

As you stand on the brink of a transformative journey, you might sense an invisible hand holding you back. You might be grappling with the nagging doubt of whether this program is truly for you or if you’re deserving of such an investment.


“What if it’s too late?” … “What if I’m not ‘sexy’ enough?” … “I don’t have the time!” Delving into a journey of sensual self-discovery can be a daunting prospect – the fear of confronting your innermost desires, boundaries, and vulnerabilities is entirely understandable.


There’s no chronological deadline on your sensuality. You’re never too old, too busy, or too anything to embark on this journey of self-discovery. Sensuality, after all, transcends societal norms and embraces individuality.


Sensuality isn’t about fitting into a predetermined mold of what is considered sexy. It’s about embracing your unique allure, understanding what truly ignites your senses, and feeling alive, sexy, and liberated in your own skin.


In our hectic lives, the scarcity of time is a common concern. However, it’s essential to reframe this perspective and recognize that investing in oneself is an act of profound self-love. It’s an investment in creating more fulfilling and pleasurable moments in your daily life.

“Kim changed my life. If you are on the fence, just go for it. Kim is unfailingly professional, consistent, warm and oh so wise. She creates an unbelievably safe container for you to be vulnerable and heal. I had no idea how much I needed that until I experienced it. Kim helped me change my relationships with my body, my mindset, my friendships, my marriage and my job. I can honestly say she’s given me the tools to thrive cheerfully in any circumstance-pretty priceless, right?!”

– Jade Makana

Your time has come

Imagine a life where feeling sexy, alive, and connected is no longer an elusive dream, but your daily reality.

The “Get Your Sexy Back” program offers a roadmap to prioritize yourself without guilt, to reignite your sensuality, and to embrace your desires unapologetically.

You’ve travelled far in this journey with me, and you’ve glimpsed the transformative possibilities that await you.

If you’re ready to step away from the shadows of exhaustion, guilt, and unmet desires, and stride into the light of confidence, sensuality, and joy…

It’s time to rewrite your story, to embrace your body and desires with pride, and to emerge as the radiant, empowered woman you were always meant to be!

I invite you to take that powerful step forward, to declare boldly to the universe that you are ready for more, for pleasure, for growth, and for unapologetic empowerment.

Let’s embark on this life-changing adventure together. This is your moment to reclaim your sensual power, to reignite your desires, and to experience the world from a place of deep self-love and unshakeable confidence.

You are deserving of every joy, every ounce of pleasure, and every moment of fulfillment – shed the burdens that have held you back for too long and embrace a life where your desires, boundaries, and sensuality flourish

Program Starts on April 16th, 2024

All calls are hosted on zoom at 2pm EDT on Tuesdays

Recordings will be available in your private portal

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s entirely normal to question the financial aspect of this journey. Instead of viewing it as an expense, consider it an investment in your happiness, confidence, and overall well-being.

The value of this program extends far beyond a mere transaction; think of it as an investment in your own well-being and happiness.

It’s worth considering the value of enhanced confidence, deeper pleasure, and richer relationships. It’s challenging to quantify the worth of self-discovery and empowerment…

But the positive impact on your life can be profound. Its returns often ripple through every facet of your life, making it invaluable in the long run.

This program takes a holistic approach, delving deeply into areas like emotional balance, self-trust, empowerment, and more, ensuring lasting transformation rather than superficial change.

It’s an experiential journey, not just theoretical. This means practical, hands-on learning that fosters tangible growth in your everyday life.

You won’t be alone. This voyage is shared with a supportive community of like-minded individuals. This sense of camaraderie amplifies your experiences and personal growth.

Ask yourself if you’re seeking emotional balance, self-trust, empowerment, and sensual self-discovery. If you’re ready to invest in your own personal growth, embrace your unique self, and embark on a journey of profound transformation, then yes, this course is undoubtedly for you.