Was I A Fraud?

I felt like an imposter, a fraud, a fluke and a mistake for a long time.

I was so worried that if people only knew that I didn’t belong here they would call me out and all my flaws would be exposed. 

So much so that I wouldn’t promote my business fully or share what I was doing with people. 

I didn’t want to be criticized or called out. 

You know what finally got me out of that destructive mindset? 

Sharing how fake and unworthy I felt with my coach, like minded sisters and allowing my full self to be seen.

I let it all flow out, the feeling that I didn’t know what I was doing, the fear of what I would do if someone had a big problem that I had never helped with before the worry about this being a huge mistake. 

Sharing, speaking your truth, and celebrating yourself is the cure for imposter syndrome. 

Word of caution – don’t share your fears with just anyone, share with someone who is safe. 

Who has space to hold you and your feelings. (Without an ulterior motive)

If you don’t have anyone in your life like that right now…

I’m here. I have your back.

You can share it all with me…with zero judgement.

I have not only the space and all the love for you, but I have the strategies to help you learn how to turn inward and give yourself the compassion, permission, and strength to fully be yourself. 

And when your imposter syndrome shows back up (because it will) you’ll know how to hold yourself, embrace your shadowy parts and work with them instead of fighting them.
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