Podcast: Self-Love Made Simple

New Episode: Self-Love Made Simple

~with guest Jane Kilian

This podcast is about creating change in your degree of self-love from the Inside out & not the other way around.

In this episode Jane & Kim share…

* Self-love made simple using yoga, presence, self-love, empowerment & acceptance 

* Using it all to connect your head and heart

* Leaving your ego at the door

* How to come back into your body with compassion

* Reclaiming our sex positivity without shame

* The steps you can take to stop the shame spiral in its tracks

* How to compliment yourself in a way that you {and your body} believes it

* How to keep your self-love journey simple and powerful

* How to easily start getting out of your head and into your body

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Spotify: https://zcu.io/308M

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Kim 💋