Our Body NEVER Forgets

When we feel angry at something a friend did, or frustrated at a partner, or hurt by something our parent said, and we stuff these emotions down…put them away…be the “bigger person”, try to ignore them and move on…we can’t.

We may think we are moving on.

“Look I am going about my day, my life…”

But our body NEVER forgets.

Eventually these dismissed emotions all bubble up to the surface.

For many women, this happens around peri-menopause {late 30’s-early 50’s}.

Our body has had ENOUGH.

We have allowed it to build and build and eventually something has to give.

The emotions must be released, OR our health gets compromised.

Many of us have been taught that sharing our emotions and speaking our truth, is not okay.

But that is simply not healthy and not true.

That doesn’t mean we can go and literally “lose our shit” on these people.

But we do need to learn ways to listen to what our body is telling us, ways to release these built-up emotions and learn how to speak our truth.

Without guilt and fears taking over.

Otherwise, these built up emotions start to hold us back from the life we desire.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can reconnect with your body, listen to what it has to say, release these emotions in a healthy way and stop them from affecting your day-to-day over and over again, let’s talk.

I am offering 10 free calls to “Activate Your Turn-On” right now and releasing your built-up emotions is just one of the many ways to reclaim your power.

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