I Used To Be Numb

I used to be numb, disconnected from my body, s€xuality, & self.

I wasn’t the same person you see today, someone who is empowered, confident, grounded, & feels sexy AF in my body.

I got here by healing from my own trauma, clearing unconscious blocks, reconnecting to my body, reclaiming my life, while excavating & remembering WHO I AM.

It was an incredible journey & I found my way back to ME. To who I am at my essence.

I came to realize there was nothing to “fix” within myself.

I had to simply awaken what was already inside of me….who I always was underneath it all.

This is what I show my clients how to do.

Each of our journeys is unique.

That is why I love private coaching…it gives you the space to work solely on YOU with specific results tailored to you.

Coaching with me is client led; we follow what is coming up for you in your day-to-day always working towards your desires.

I can help you find your way back to yourself while having an empowering relationship with your body, s€xuality, partners, family & biz.

If you desire to reclaim the areas you have lost yourself, reconnect to your body & remember WHO YOU ARE…hop on a free call with me.

In this 45-minute call, I will help you uncover why your s€x life isn’t where you want it, why your relationship is feeling rocky, why you’re constantly doubting yourself & why you’re not getting the results that you want.

Let’s talk! https://calendly.com/talk-to-kim/complimentary-discovery-call