You Are Innately Worthy Simply Because You Exist

Have you ever felt unworthy of being loved? This post is for you.

You are worthy of the deepest, and truest love. 

Even if… 

🙌 You get a bit jealous

🙌 Your hair is greasy and has more dead ends than you can count

🙌 You yelled when you were trying to be patient 

🙌 Your pants are a little tighter than you remember

🙌 Your mom isn’t talking to you

🙌 You have credit card debt

🙌 You had a fight with your partner

🙌 You get overwhelmed when your to do list is a mile long

🙌 You aren’t in a relationship right now or you are considering leaving one that no longer serves you

You are innately worthy… simply because you exist. 

The world is set up telling us how not enough we are…but you are enough, you are loved, and you are worthy.

Right where you are at…

Plain and simple.

This worthiness, enoughness and love comes from within, not from out there.

It’s time to centre, reground, come home into your body, into YOU.

Reclaim • Reconnect • Remember 

If this resonates with, let’s talk. 

No pressure, just a session of love and discovery to help you reconnect to your body, feel your innate worthiness and learn to trust yourself no matter what. 

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