Your Body is Incredible

The life lesson too many women learn way too late…

Growing up, the messages I received was that my body wasn’t good/ thin/ curvy/ tall/ perfect enough. 

And from my early teens onward, I compared myself to everyone I saw. 

“Look at that other girl, she has perfect curvy hips” 

“Look at that actress she’s so thin, so looks perfect in that dress” 

“How did that mom bounce back so quickly after having her baby?”

“Is she already running 5k’s again?”

We’ve been told for so long that our bodies aren’t enough. 

By the media. By our parents. By our friends. By our own inner critic. 

It is BULL sh!t.  

Your body is incredible. 

Every inch of you needs to be celebrated, every curve admired, and every part exalted.

Yet as it is today in our society, we get fed these lies about how “not enough” we are EVERY SINGLE TIME we step out of our house, pick up our phone or turn on the tv.

It takes deep inner remembrance, real connection to our bodies and to who we are to blast through this deep conditioning.

And it takes an ongoing practice, with a like minded community to hold strong in ourselves, with loving approval.

This is what I am offering you in Sacred Pleasure and I’d really like you there!

We have topics on body-love, sensuality, money, O’s, turn-on, worthiness, enoughness, emotional power, boundaries, manifesting, relationships, cultivating boundaries and safety and it’s all infused with sacred pleasure.

Sacred Pleasure will help you…

🌹 Activate your turn-on

🌹 Increase your self-love

🌹 Reconnect to your sensual self

🌹 Release shame and conditioning

🌹 Cultivate safety and trust in your body

🌹 Experience deep healing

🌹 Receive nourishment for your soul

🌹 Ground your nervous system

I invite you to join us. Save your spot now

And next time you find yourself staring at your body with dislike, or comparison, stop for a moment and consider who benefits from you disliking yourself so much. 

It’s not you. 

You already have the absolute perfect body.