Work With the Body

I got asked the other day the difference between a coach and a counsellor and I thought you’d all like to hear my response.

So, to me, they are very different. 

The basic overview depending on both coach & counsellors’ trainings is that a counsellor is going to look at a lot of one’s past trauma and help one see & process what has happened.

And a coach is more going forward to make the changes one desires happen in one’s life.

However, for me specifically I am deeply trauma informed, I’m always doing trauma work (where not all coaches are) because I believe that we as coaches need to help our clients integrate and process what our body is holding that is keeping us from moving forward to achieving our desires. 

I believe one can’t do sexuality, empowerment & embodiment healing without the trauma healing happening at the same time.

Whether it is our own personal trauma, collective, or ancestral. It’s going to come up along the way, 99% of the time. 

For me as a coach I am also trained to work with the body somatically and the nervous system and I do this a lot of this with my clients, because our body remembers everything…even if our brain does not.

And we don’t have to! That’s the beauty of this work!!  

When we work with the body somatically, we can heal and integrate in a super powerful way that our brain doesn’t allow us to. 

Coaches like myself also provide a lot of tools and practices in between sessions (if a client desires) so they can deeply integrate the change they desire. 

I also offer unlimited messaging support…because it is in our real life where “shit happens” and we sometimes need support in learning how to hold ourselves in between sessions.

So, I am available to guide my clients with messaging support in-between calls.

My coaching combines elements inspired by and rooted in Classical-Tantra, Neo-Tantra, Taoism, Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), Body-Mind Mapping, Dynamic Breathwork, Imago Relationship Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Energetic Guided Meditation.

Plus, I have additional training for specialties in sex, love, relationships, female sexuality, pelvic floor, lymphatics, worthiness, business, empowerment, trauma integration, vagus nerve activation (to regulate the nervous system) and so much more.

I have worked with many counsellors over the last 34 years, and I didn’t get anywhere close to the healing, embodiment & empowerment that I did when I started a deep dive into this work in 2017.

The counsellors & therapists that I worked with before 2017 held me and gave me a place to verbally process but then, I needed more. 

Don’t get me wrong…deeply trained therapists & counsellors are definitely needed for people struggling with physiological issues or immediate acute trauma, but I don’t believe they are needed for the majority of us who simply desire more from our life. 

Working with a well-trained coach is a much more personal, intimate beautiful experience with a lot more touch points over the course of program, that I have found to be absolutely life changing.

Of course, we can always discuss what specifically is going on for you, to assess what is needed. And if I feel a therapist or counsellor would be more supportive, I will refer out. 

Sometimes a combo of both is great.

Unfortunately, with the conditioning and messaging that many of us have received from society, media, family & teachers many of us feel that there is something deeply wrong with us, that we don’t quite add up, or that we are broken.

And it simply is not the case. 

I’m here to change that paradigm so you feel alive, sexy, energized, and free in your body, your mind & your spirit so you can live the life you deeply desire.