Where do you have to create some more boundaries?

Where in your life are others crossing your boundaries that you are not enforcing?

➡️ Saying NO to something you don’t want to do

➡️ Asking for the last cookie/serving of food/drink etc.

➡️ Saying NO when you are being asked to do too much

➡️ Asking for a raise because you are not being paid what you are worth

➡️ Speaking up, asking for more space & quiet time to be alone, write, workout or to just be

It is not easy to set up these boundaries.

And It is super challenging for many womxn to enforce them.

Think for a second about your boundary setting.

Maybe you are really good in some areas.  But I am confident that there are areas where you could use some REFINEMENT.

We are conditioned to fear judgement from others when we speak up. Being seen as too much, too greedy, needy or even B!TCHY!

When we are not grounded in WHO WE ARE & in our own bodies, we even doubt ourselves & the boundaries we originally made.

❓Am I asking too much?

❓Maybe I wasn’t clear…

❓Maybe they are right?

We go into our conditioning even though it doesn’t feel good to us.

Read these & see if this seem familiar…

👉 It is my job

👉 The mom has to do it

👉 That is what good girls do

👉 I can’t say no

👉 That is what women do

👉 I can’t ask for more

👉 I’ll just make do

All of this doubt, fear, judgement & conditioning eats at us slowly & it can turn into a total MIND F@CK!

Grown womxn all of a sudden are so confused between what they think, what they feel & what they want.  Then anxiety & stress with questioning  their worth & their purpose creeps in.

It is time to stop this insane cycle.

If this speaks to you in some way & you are curious on how I can help, schedule a completely complimentary discovery call with me here and let’s talk.

P.S. This is me in my hammock at the trailer creating a boundary of quiet time away!