Good Girl or Bad Girl

I have this good girl thing that has been going on as far as I can remember.

In the past couple of years or so, I have been really seeing it show up!  And of course, I am eager to explore what it is about.

I always have had it, I guess, now that I think back I have ALWAYS liked following the rules.

I REALLY dislike getting in TROUBLE.

However, as a full grown responsible womxn (who’s good girl & bad girl has been showing up to make herself be seen) I question this now…What is this?

Recently, I have been playing with this more because it seems I have this unconscious set of rules in my brain that I didn’t put there.  I am also finding this is the same for SO MANY OTHER womxn!

And a lot of these rules we seem to have absorbed are BULL SH!T.

So now I ask myself…

Who will I get in trouble from?

What is it I am afraid of?

Why is this living in my body?

I am still exploring the depths of this & where it stems from in my life, plus pushing my edges every single day.

The fun part of exploring is that my BAD Girl is getting to PLAY! Very Fun Work!

So, I would love to your feedback here & I would love to know where you sit.

Are you an GOOD Girl or a BAD Girl?

Do you LOVE being one or the other? Do you push your own edges?


Have you never even thought of where your conditioning & current decisions in life come from?