Sacred Pleasure Playshop: Dive Into Your Sensuality

When I started to do some practices exploring touch, sensation and pleasure, even touching my own arm, thighs, belly and br€asts, I noticed I didn’t feel pleasure very much. 

I was numb. 

When I dove into my sensuality and pleasure exploration, that is when I noticed my body come alive. 

The more I healed, the more safety I created in my own body, the more my body woke up. 

I started to feel the lightest of touches electrify my skin in the most luscious of ways. 

I noticed more pleasure, more sensation all over my body. 

Pleasure I had never known existed. 

And from there it grew, expanded and deepened. 

My body had to learn to feel again. 

To trust that feeling was okay again. 

And from there the relationship with my body flourished like nothing I could have imagined!! 

Exquisite pleasure, deep inner knowing and a relationship with my body that I can trust.. 

If you experience this numbness, pain or don’t feel much pleasure at all, I want you to know that it can be recovered. 

My Sacred Pleasure Playshop is a perfect place to start your journey.

This totally free event is coming up on Wed April 27th at 4pm EST.

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