Podcast: The Brilliance of Menopause and Midlife With Guest Kellie Stirling

This podcast is for every single woman between the age of 30-60. It is the conversation you WON’T get from your doctor or google.

It is real, deep and talking about all of the hormonal and emotional changes and transitions we as woman all go through in midlife, peri-menopause and menopause. And how to make it as easy, smooth, empowering and pleasurable it can be.

This huge transition (from mid 30’s – mid 50’s) affects our relationships, our businesses, and how we show up in the world as we approach mid-life.

In this episode Kellie and Kim discuss…

✨Midlife transitions and menopause and how it is all connected

✨How to identify when you are in midlife and/or peri-menopause/menopause…

and it’s probably earlier than you think

✨The emotional and spiritual side of peri-menopause that doesn’t get talked about

✨How to avoid a difficult menopause and midlife transition

✨S€x & Stress Hormones explained…including how they show up emotional outburst and burnout

✨How your body is calling you to reclaim your emotions

✨How every single month you are getting a little feminine leadership course

✨The big identity shift that comes with midlife

✨HRT and when it can be helpful

✨The identity shift that is your sacred journey

✨You s€xuality is NOT over…it’s just the beginning

✨The wisdom and beauty of menopause

Listen here…

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Spotify: https://zcu.io/308M

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Kim 💋