Podcast: Pussify as a Way of BEING

New Episode – Pussify as a Way of BEING

In this episode Kim breaks down what this even means and how it can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

* First the breakdown of “pussify” and what it means

* How it is a way of BEING

* How you can eliminate the doubt, confusion and spiralling

* How to stay calm when shit hits the fan

* How to come back home to your authentic self AND your most confident self

* Full body and full life empowerment where it IS safe in your body to be your authentic self

* How this way of being can be your superpower in your entire life, including your business

Pussify Your Biz, Body & Life is for you!

Get all the details here – https://getyoursexyback.ca/pussify-your-biz-body-life/

4-month Private One-on-One Coaching. 1400/mo. Only 4 spots available. 

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Kim 💋