Are You All In?

Pussify Your Biz, Body & Life is for you if you are all in.

You are done playing small.

You want to create this biz that you adore, that you love, that is built on ease and flow…and allows you to serve the humans in this world the way you desire.

You’ve been hiding slightly because you aren’t quite sure what to do and you feel some things need to be in place first, before you can feel confident in your biz, life and relationships.

Or you’ve been doing all the things, but you really could use some more support on navigating it all. 

I am deeply skilled.

I am a tech QUEEN.


And I’ll show you how to be one too.

I am an organizational MASTER.

Seeing how it all fits together is one of my superpowers {I brag I have a lot of superpowers}

I’ve been holding humans in private business coaching for 3 years now.

And I’ve been an entrepreneur for 25+ years in a variety of businesses both online and in person.

I am a Trauma Informed, Somatic Empowerment & S€xuality Coach, as well as a VITA™ S€x, Love & Relationship Coach, Female S€xuality Coach, Tantric Coach and founder of Get Your Sexy Back.

I specialize in empowerment, confidence, creating trust and safety in our bodies and in our minds, self-love, pleasure, sensuality, business, intimacy with self and in relationships, as well as relationship transformation for couples, jade egg, tantra and sacred sxuality.

I’ve studied extensively with Layla Martin (Vita/SLRC), Mama Gena (School of Womanly Arts), Sheila Kelly (S Factor), Bernadette Pleasant (Femme) and many other world-renowned leaders.

Plus, numerous programs specializing in Social Media, Launching, Biz Strategy, Marketing, Trauma Integration, Vagus Nerve Activation, Wealth, Lymphatics, Human Design and more. 

We’ll work on the embodiment side and release the fears that are keeping you from your goals and dreams (whether you are aware of them or not)

And we’ll be coming together on the biz and strategy side, to create the business you LOVE and supports you financially.

And, in a way that calms and grounds your nervous system. 

I’ve done the “go, go, go” in biz before and it only led to burnout and exhaustion.

I know there is another way to do business.

Allow me to show you how in Pussify Your Biz, Body & Life.

4 months of Private One-on-One Coaching 1400/month.

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