Podcast: Getting Back into the Real World

New Episode – Getting Back into the Real World

The challenges of “getting back out there”…post covid and how it can play havoc on our nervous system.  

Simple things like going to a restaurant, a doctor’s appointment or seeing friends we may not have seen for a while.

Without knowing what to look for, you may not even be aware of how this is showing up in your life right now.

Plus, how to support and hold yourself…so you can handle whatever life is throwing at you confidently and go after your dreams and desires at the same time.

In this episode Kim shares…

* How to notice it and what nervous system de-regulation can feel like in your body

* How to titrate “getting back out there” AND staying grounded as we start to emerge again

* What to do if you feel stressed, shy, nervous, frazzled or uncomfortable and how to titrate that back to making it easy again where you feel confident

* How to reach new levels of expansion {whatever they may be} with a calm nervous system, where you feel calm and relaxed and ready for more

* The tips and tools that Kim uses to calm her nervous system when things are hard

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Kim 💋