The Little T’s

Typically, when we go through deep pain, fear or shame we experience some degree of trauma in our body…the little t’s that compile over time.

Especially when we are forced to push it down, stuff it away and we are not allowed (or we hold back) from sharing our truth in how it made us feel.

Most of us have been taught to “talk it out” in a calm manner to “figure it out”

While that is a powerful way to begin healing…

What many of us don’t realize is that our body has kept score of everything it’s felt, or pushed down over our lifetime.

And if we’ve not been given the opportunity to move this emotion out of our body {think a child’s temper tantrum, or hitting a punching bag to relieve stress} we are not able to complete the stress cycle.

Any fear, any anger, shame, trauma, and really any emotion we’ve ever felt doesn’t just live in our brain, it lives in our body and our body remembers it.

This includes our happy emotions too.

That’s why in just about everything I teach, I focus on helping you connect to your body and listen to the emotions that are stored there.

So many of us have numbed, disassociated, and disconnected from our bodies…and for a good reason!

One because it feels really really uncomfortable to feel through our emotions, especially when we haven’t been taught how and also, for survival; the alternative quite possibly was too painful and we didn’t feel safe to do so, at the time.

We were told to turn from our emotions when we felt them, especially anger, jealousy, and sadness.

And grief typically has conditions and time limits on it as to when it is acceptable or not.

We were told to “sit down, be quiet, and stop being so emotional” 

With lessons like that from our parents, grandparents, teachers, and even sometimes our friends – of course, we push our feelings down and disconnect. 

When we do body-based healing, we’re actually going into our body, checking in with our sensations, intuition and listening to whatever we are feeling and what our body wants us to know. 

It can be tingling, pressure, excitement, heat, coolness, or any other sensation or emotion. 

When we get in touch, release and give our body what it needs to feel fully safe, loved and approved of in this way, we can finally open up our body and begin to feel again. 

When we start to feel, we feel so much MORE!

We start to express; reclaim the places we’ve been most disempowered.

Think boundaries, worthiness, confidence, our truth, body, s€xuality, how a “woman” should behave.

When we reclaim these places and reconnect back into our body…we begin to step into our power and start showing up as our unapologetic selves. 

We become exactly who we are…who we ALWAYS were…because we are literally embracing every part of ourselves and bringing acceptance and love to all of it.

No more hiding.

No more doubt.

No more pretending.

No more people pleasing.

Throughout the Sacred Pleasure Membership, I’m teaching you everything I know about reconnecting to your body, healing from within, creating internal safety and reclaiming the full YOU. 

I hope you join us. 

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