Honour Your Body

Have you ever thought “I don’t feel like doing that today”?

But because you were taught {usually in school or by your parents} that you can’t get work done based on when you feel like it, so you pushed through anyway. 

By the time you finished with the project, you were exhausted?


Hated it.

Wished you’d never taken that project on.

You don’t have to work and live like that 👆👆👆

I no longer work that way…forced, pushing through against my body’s desires for rest.

I have found that when we wait and listen to our body as when to work and when to rest, the words flow, the emails seem to write themselves and the planning seems to come together with ease.

This new way of following the rhythm of my body, used to challenge me, feel uncomfortable and against everything I was taught. 

But I’ve learned to honour my body and her natural flow.

I’ve learned that my work is so much more aligned and better when I WAIT to do it until my body says so.

Your body knows when it’s ready to create and work, and when it’s time to rest.

Learn to trust her.

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And if you’re thinking “yeah right that works for other people but won’t work with my job”

Then I invite you to book a call with me. Let’s talk about that thought and explore if it’s really true. 

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