Podcast: All Things P.ÜSSY!

New Episode: All Things P.ÜSSY!

~with guest Jenny Braxton

Breaking down what p.ūssy centered living is, what it can look like and how you can use this way of being in your life, in your parenting, in your relationships, in your business and create the life you desire.

Kim & Jenny both agree that there is nothing else that will bring as much pleasure, as much healing and as much transformation to your life, then reclaiming your connection to p.ūssy.

In this episode Jenny & Kim discuss…

* Ecstatic birth and how it is connected to our s€xuality

* How labor and birth can impact our body and s€xual experiences years later and what to do about it

* The whispers of p.ūssy and how to decipher what she is telling you…even now

* Sovereignty over our body in healthcare across the board

* How holding trauma in our body can show up in our pelvic floor and s€xuality

* How to start exploring the essence of p.ūssy and learning how to listen to her

* What your intuition is telling you and why you need to listen

* What to do if you can’t stand the P word

* How religious conditioning {direct or indirect} forms how we connect with our bodies and s€xuality as adults

* Using p.ūssy as fuel and energy to carry you when you feel outright exhausted and burn-out

* How shame and guilt we experienced from when we were little affects us in our pleasure today

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Kim 💋