Are you holding trauma?

Are you holding trauma in your body?

I’ve found the best way to integrate trauma is by reconnecting ourselves to our body on a sensation/felt sense level.

And the fastest way through reconnecting to ourselves and to the inner core of who we are, involves reconnecting directly through our sensuality and directly to our body.

Our sensuality is the place where many of us have been most disempowered and it is this quick portal to reconnecting to who we are with this deep inner knowing that is also very supportive and nourishing.

Plus, our more sensitive areas hold the majority of our trauma in our body.

I work in a very somatic/body-based way and I believe that once we create real safety within our body, we will integrate trauma in a supportive way, allowing our bodies to heal.

Allowing us to get back in the driver’s seat of our life.

What does that look like?

It looks like…

🔥 Coming Alive…feeling grounded with an unshakable trust in yourself.

🔥 Loving YOUR Body…when you walk by a mirror you think “Damn, I look good”

🔥 Trusting Yourself…feeling confident in your Yes’s & No’s

🔥 Turning-ON…feeling sexy in your body

🔥 Waking UP…the infinite pleasure that is already within you. I promise, it is there.

🔥 Feeling Empowered…in your body, in your sensuality and in your relationships.

🔥 Being Confident…to show up as your true self and showing up in your full POWER.

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