Do You Trust Yourself?

So many of us were taught about our bodies, and pleasure from outside sources.

Maybe you sneaked a peek at a movie with a s💎x scene, or your parents gave you a book to read about your growing body without talking to you, or you learned everything through gossip in the bathroom.

When we’re young we get a lot of shame and “don’t do that, or else” messaging around s💎x  and pleasure.

It’s no wonder that we are uncomfortable talking about such deliciousness.

There is a whole other world to explore outside of what we have been taught, shown and modeled about our pleasure.

I have been studying pleasure, sensuality, connection to the divine and healing from within for many years now…

I celebrate that I have become an all-around pleasure queen!

I know firsthand how important this work is to healing our soul, releasing shame around our bodies and activating our turn-on. 

Our pleasure is SACRED and it is one of our superpowers!

There is nothing to be ashamed about because the opposite of what we’ve been taught is true.

~we NEED MORE pleasure every single day! 

There is so much POWER in knowing your body intimately and connecting with your sensual self.

It builds confidence, grounds your nervous system and helps cultivate deep trust in yourself. 

And I’m going to show you how, in the Sacred Pleasure Membership.

Trauma informed container, with live & recorded calls and a library of practices all at your fingertips

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