Your Emotions Are Signals

What Your Worry, Stress & Anxiety Is Trying To Tell You…

Your emotions are signals.

They show you areas in your life that you care about or can improve. 

So when you’re worried, stressed, anxious…pay attention.

Your emotions are trying to tell you something. 

Here’s how to listen to it. 

Start by stopping and listening to your body – Check in with your body.

Take a moment, and listen. Ask, what is this about. See if you can locate where you are feeling it in your body.

You can’t act on something that you don’t understand. When you find yourself worrying, stressed or anxious grab a piece of paper and start writing on what you notice.

Allow the thoughts to flow out of you, whatever comes into your brain. Don’t hold back.

As you write, you’ll see what themes come up again and again. 

Remind your body that you are safe, (assuming you are right here and right now) and thank your body for showing you what you needed to look at.

It seems counterintuitive to say thank you to something that’s causing you pain.

But your body and mind are doing everything they can to keep you alive.

Thank your body for protecting you, then remind it you’re safe.

Right here, right now…you are safe.

Ask your body what it needs right now – If you’ve been worried, stressed or anxious about something you can control (like a work presentation that’s coming up) ask your body what you need to make this easier.

Your body is brilliant!! Trust it.

If you’ve been stressed about something that you can’t control (like what will happen if the stock market crashes) acknowledge your worry, thank it. 

And see if you can give your body and brain something else you can control.

Take action on what you can control, release what you can’t. 

If worry, stress or anxiety is something that you’ve been struggling with and you’re ready to learn how to move past it easily and seamlessly in your body, hop on a free discovery call with me here.