Podcast: Are You Worthy?

New Episode – Are You Worthy?

When your brain says “Well Yes I am”, but your body says differently and you find self-doubt still showing up in your decisions, your relationships, your boundary making, your career, the way you self-sabotage and your daily life.

In this episode Kim talks about…

* How to identify where you feel unworthy

* Noticing this “unworthiness” in the bedroom, in your relationships, your business and how you show up for yourself

* Self-sabotage

* People Pleasing

* Not belonging and comparing ourselves

* The problematic thinking and saying of “Do Better!”

* What you can do about it and how to reclaim your worthiness

* How this unworthiness continually shows up in your life and especially your body until you start to do the work

* The power of simply seeing where you and your body are conflicting in worthiness

* How you can reclaim your unshakable confidence

Listen here…

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Spotify: https://zcu.io/308M

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