YOU Are Worthy

YOU are worthy because you are.

Your worthiness was never in question.

You are amazing.

But you are also a human, so you might not always feel great about your life, you might question yourself, you may doubt everything…

If you feel like you’ve been stuck there πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† for a while…it’s time to come back home, realign with your body, and speak your truth in love.

Typically, it takes 3 things to bring me back into my body and pleasure…from there I am in a much better place to speak my truth and ask for what I want.

πŸ’— Start with approval.  Approve of yourself exactly where you are, right now.  Approve of how you feel, even if you don’t want to feel that way.

πŸ’— Take a bath, have a nap or a little rest

πŸ’— Try a meditation, pleasure practice, breathwork session or a workout

πŸ’— Bre@st Massage is super powerful and a sensual favourite

πŸ’— Go for a walk

πŸ’— Use or diffuse essential oils

πŸ’— Listen to music…even better have a 1 song dance break

πŸ’— Brain dump, journaling of everything in your mind (10 min only – set an alarm) and then burn or destroy it. I always suggest finishing with a trinity – 1 brag, 1 gratitude and 1 desire.

πŸ’— Snuggle under a blanket…even try working from there

πŸ’— Shake your body to release, scream, yell, stomp your feet – allow yourself to really feel what you are feeling

πŸ’— Firmly touch your body-use a firm hand pressure, pressing & releasing all over your body

πŸ’— Put your bare feet on grass and just connect…if you want a guided practice that includes this, message me and I’ll send it to you

Try 1, 2, 3…as many as it takes to get you back into your body.

And COPY this list and add it to your phone notes for easy reference next time you need it.

What else is on your β€œgo to” list to get you back in your body and pleasure?

Let’s see if we can create an even larger list together.