The Struggle is Real

Do you struggle staying consistent in posting to social media regularly in your business?

Or any other task you’d like to do regularly for that matter…bookkeeping, lead follow ups, doing lives, anything that you procrastinate with. 

I invite you to consider that there is more to it than “you just can’t seem to get it together to do what you should be doing”. 

Frequently I see that there are many other pieces coming into play from our inner children & conditioning around…

💥 Visibility, showing up and being seen

💥 Asking for what you want in pricing and time boundaries 

💥 What it might mean to actually sell what we are offering

💥 Making money, period. More or less than _________ (fill in the blank)

💥 Our schedules increasing

💥 Having a “real” business and what that means

💥 Being rejected when someone says No or Not right now

💥 Being able to hold it and serve your clients when they say yes!

So many pieces are working behind the scenes in our bodies.

And to force this, by just sucking it up and posting content daily or whatever else you “need” to get done, you can actually fry out your nervous system. 

You are not lazy or a mega procrastinator!!

Your body is simply saying No. 

Want to learn how to change that?

Hop on a free call with me here and I’ll share all the details and help you navigate what’s getting in your way.

No pressure. It’s not the way I work with my humans.

I want to help you ease & calm your nervous system. Not create more chaos.

(Hint: that is what a trauma aware coach does)

You may be thinking, “but aren’t you an Empowerment & S€xuality Coach?”

Answer: Yes…AND it is all connected.


Kim 💋