The Cost Of Living Your Truth

I used to feel like I was living in survival mode & like I was constantly trying to keep my head above water.

Between 3 kids, my biz & my “relationship”, life as Kim knew it…was a mess.

I found myself not speaking my truth and playing the role of the “good girl” the “good wife” and the “good mom”.

Then one day in 2017 absolutely burnt-out I said YES to something crazy. I said YES to flying to NYC to attend a conference for one weekend & it hasn’t stopped.

From there I was able to reclaim myself.

Let me explain….

Reclaim – YOURSELF
When you’ve given so much to others and you’re having trouble finding your way back to who YOU are.

Reclaim – YOURSELF
And take back everything YOU’VE lost:
Boundaries, body love, time, self-care, your voice, mind, trust, turn-on, approval.

Allow all of you to be supported.

Reclaim – YOURSELF
The parts of you that have been disempowered & discouraged.

The parts that have been shut down, silenced & hidden.

When you reclaim yourself, you become present, strong & sensual. You showcase self-love, trust in yourself & healthy boundaries, granting yourself permission to take care of those around you.

Reclaim ~ part 1 of 3 in my Sexy-Back Signature Approach.

My private coaching is open for enrollment, if this feels aligned and you’d like to learn more, hop on a free call with me.