Rewriting My “Why”

I’ve been asked to rewrite my “why” recently and I wanted to share.

Why I do what I do today is because I see how disempowered I was, and how that was not okay.

I was operating at 25% capacity.

To be honest…I was not living, not breathing, not feeling. I was numb, disconnected and shutdown, exhausted and pretending everything was perfect.

Stuck, going through the motions.

I see now, how many others are living the very same way I was.

See, once you turn-on and lite-up, you have this radar for seeing who is alive and living their life fully, unapologetically and who is not.

It’s not a way to live. It’s all so fake and so superficial and I can’t change this all myself.

I can’t do it alone…I need an army.

I am calling in for an army of turned-on awake humans!

I need this TURN-ON wave to cover the world and to lift everyone higher.

I know I am not alone in desiring a better, more turned-on world.

We TURN-ON this world together.

And it starts with YOU turning on first, YOU reconnecting to your body and RECLAIMING YOU.

All of which you were born with, but it got dimmed out.

We are going to turn it back ON!

No more putting it off for one day..

I have 2 spots open right now for private one-on-one or couples coaching.

This is for women {and couples} who are ready to TURN-ON and step back into their power.


If you are curious what it would look like to work together, book a call with me!

It is free and you will at the very least leave with clarity around your desires and closer to making them your reality.