Reconnect to P🌙ssy

Have you been wondering exactly what I mean when I say I’m going to help you reconnect to p🌙ssy? 

So first off if that word triggers you I totally get it, that word used to trigger the living daylights out of me several years ago.

Now it’s one of my favorite words! 

Before we can talk about reconnecting to p🌙ssy we have to define what it is. 

P🌙ssy to me is the entire essence of our being. 

It’s not only our p🌙ssy, our vülva, but it is our pelvic bowl, our womb, our intuition, our essence, a space where we can come home, and where our creative juices live.

We can create life from our womb.

Our p🌙ssy is powerful AF! 

There is so much power in our pelvic bowl…womb, our root, and our sacral chakra and we so rarely acknowledge her and give her the credit she deserves. 

So when we can reconnect with her we start to see what she wants.

She becomes the oracle between our thighs and intuitively gives us hints about what is right for us and what is not… 

Every woman will experience this differently, but you can actually use her as a GPS to guide you in your life, in your business, in your relationships, and towards your desires.

Excited {and maybe a little nervous} about learning how to connect to your p🌙ssy? Totally NORMAL. So was I.

But I invite you to trust your body, and just the fact that you are reading this post and join me.

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Say YES to you…your body will thank you!!