Podcast: Sacred Intimacy & Biz ~ How it is All Connected

New Episode – Sacred Intimacy & Biz ~ How it is All Connected

~with guest Emily Otto

How the thread of connection to ourselves is the priority if we are to thrive in our relationships, our businesses/careers and our lives.

In this episode Emily & Kim discuss…

* Why it’s not working…why relationships, biz, our desires aren’t working

* What coming back “to” yourself means

* Uncovering and dismantling the words and beliefs that tell us we aren’t doing it right or good enough and how that IS the work

* How you can create your biz the way YOU want to, that feels great in your body simply by reconnecting to yourself

* The importance of the energy behind something

* How to recognize the ways you might be getting in your own way

* Grief and Intimacy and how they play a huge part in our businesses

* How to create expansion in your biz, relationships etc without frying your nervous system

* Tips and tricks for navigating challenging biz stuff using sacred intimacy

* Working from your feminine flow and what that means and learning how to get your biz to serve you

Listen here…

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Spotify: https://zcu.io/308M

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