Podcast: Let’s Normalize Pee, Shall We!

New Episode: Let’s Normalize Pee, Shall We!

This episode is all about Pee!  And normalizing it!

Plus, what you can do to strengthen our pelvic floor and feel better and release shame.

{NO, I’m not going to tell you to do a hundred Kegels}

In this episode Kim shares…

* What to do if you experience incontinence

* Debunking the shame around pee

* How our emotional baggage is tied to urinary issues

* Plus, tons of tips and tricks to help your pelvic floor

* How your hormones are also linked to bladder issues

Catch the full episode here:

Apple: https://zcu.io/rqIq

Spotify: https://zcu.io/308M

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Kim 💋