Podcast: From Exhausted to Turned-On & Energized

New Episode: From Exhausted to Turned-On & Energized

Many women end up feeling exhausted somewhere in their 30’s and 40’s, part due to life and another part due to our hormones and lack of boundaries.

In this episode Kim breaks it down and gives suggestions to help improve your energy and your libido, as well as what you can do to make some changes that take you from exhausted to fully of energy.

In this episode Kim shares…

* Breaking down our hormones cycles through our life and looking at it in how it affects our energy, libido and sexuality.

* How peri-menopause plays a role in your libido & energy

* Understanding your libido and what directly affects it

* What your low energy levels are telling you and what to do about it

* How to make your 40’s and 50’s your BEST years yet {tip if you are younger…start NOW}

* Step by step tips, tricks & practices to move from exhausted to turn-on & energized

* How your boundaries…or lack of…is affecting your libido and zest for life!

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Kim 💋