Podcast: Centering into Your Cycle With Guest Tere Marie

New Episode – Centering into Your Cycle

~with guest Tere Marie

Oh My!! What an AMAZING episode that every woman needs to listen to if they have a menstrual cycle or if they don’t anymore.

So much juicy info whether you are trying to get pregnant, trying NOT to, are in peri-menopause or are in menopause.

Do yourself a favour make this episode a priority for your spiritual, emotional and physical wellness.

And please…share this episode with every uterus owning human you know…whether they still have one or not.

In this episode Tere and Kim discuss…

* The curse…or is it not?

* What bad cramps, heavy cycles, hormonal migraines and other symptoms are telling you

* The Birth Control Pill Band-Aid

* Hormone imbalances and disruption

* How to embrace your feminine flow and your cyclical nature…even if your uterus has been removed or you have moved into menopause

* How your cycles can be a marker of your health

* Menopause doesn’t have to mean you are all “dry” down there

* Why you still want to get to know your body and cycles in peri-menopause and menopause

* The power of dearmoring by yourself or with a partner

* Living in alignment of what your body wants and needs and by doing so, how you can get your sexy back

* How to track your body and cycle for fertility OR as hormone free birth control

* The key things you can look at to bring your body back into balance

* Pheromones and how they play a part in our partner selection

* The disservice that the birth control pill caused to the feminine and trusting our bodies

* And a LOT more

Listen here…

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