Have You Lost Your Spark?

Calling all couples that have lost their spark.

That want more.

But aren’t quite sure where to start.

My private relationship coaching is for you.

You’re exhausted and you need a soft safe space to land each evening.

You want a relationship that fills you up, feels safe to share everything you feel and desire, that turns you on and that is passionate more than ever before, in the sheets!

You and your partner have slowly let things get in between you…kids, works, friends, sleep etc.

And you now want more.

You want to feel.

You want to wake up and reconnect.

I am a S€x, Love & Relationship Coach, an Empowerment & S€xuality Coach as well as a Tantric S€x Coach. 

I am deeply skilled.

I am a pleasure Queen

And a Turn-On Queen.

I’ll show you how to bring all of this plus, more communication, connection and intimacy into your relationship.

Holding space, gaining clarity, getting to the root of what is going on in relationships and teaching new ways of connecting is one of my superpowers.

{I brag I have a lot of superpowers}

6 months private Couples Coaching

90 min sessions, first 3 weeks each month

At a time that works best for you ~ Evening spots are available 

Made for you Dropbox library of communication, connection, intimacy tools, and pleasure practices. 

Unlimited messaging support for both of you the entire 6 months – this is where the magic happens

2000/month for 6 months

or 1200/month for 10 months

pif option with some savings is available

Want to chat and learn more?


Message me and let’s set up a complimentary Clarity Call to discuss and gain clarity on your relationship.