Pleasure is Mandatory

Pleasure is MANDATORY.

Pleasure is the portal to the divine.

It is the portal to connecting to your soul, your spirit all of it.

This is super important in reclaiming your power & breaking free from stress, anxiety, burnout & low energy.

It is NOT a luxury. Or a thing you do on vacation or holidays. 

Pleasure is MANDATORY.

All types of Pleasure…sensual, sexual, self-care, making time to breathe, having a bath, listening to music, journaling, slowing down.

It all counts as pleasure.

And there are a thousand + other ways to be in pleasure.

The more connected we are to “self”, the more connected we are to our bodies, our stress/ease levels, our clients, our relationships, our life!

All of it!

It sounds SO simple that many of our brains want to bi-pass it & avoid it completely.

“Ah, that’s not what we do in the “real” world.”

“Who has time for that?”

“It’s frivolous.”

“But, I have SO much work to do!”

All normal thoughts when we start to change our patterning & lean into pleasure.

Instead. Stop. Notice your resistance. And lean into your pleasure anyway.

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