When you know there has to be more

I know it is hard when you don’t really know what it is that you want, but you know that there has to be more.

I also know it is hard when you are trying so hard to shift the trajectory of your life & go after what you want.  Even if you can’t pin point exactly what it is you want.

In the beginning, I remember NOT trusting my decision to dive in deep, to sign up, to see where I was holding myself back and invest my time or money.

I remember thinking…

What if it isn’t for me

What if I just need to suck it up

Why do I have to want more than I already have

Why can’t I just BE happy

What is wrong with me

The hardest part…was saying “YES, I’m in, and I am doing this for ME, no matter what”.

Sure my resistance showed up along the way, but then I already had the coaching container, the space to be held, witnessed and encouragement to keep going and work through my sh!t.

If you want to feel alive, free & deliciously sensual no matter what is going on in your life or how much you are trying to juggle?

Then I’m your person!

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