Pillar #3 of my Sexy Back Approach

Pillar #3 SeXuality.

Interesting that SeXuality is the next pillar of my Sexy Sh{it} that I want to talk to you about today.

It’s interesting because just yesterday, I expressed a lingering tendril of hesitancy I have sharing everything I know, everything I trust, live and breathe about SeXuality to my coach.

I “had” this little piece of almost…shyness left that I could feel about sharing all of the greatness our bodies and our incredible pussies, with my people, if they hadn’t directly asked me for it.

My coach had this incredible piece of advice for me…


I’ll let that simmer from moment. Isn’t it powerful?!?

And then this morning while working out, my eye caught my pussy tattoo on my right wrist.

The same tattoo that I said yes to within hours of being submerged into this work of trusting my body, my pussy, my sexuality and what it all was to be a woman.

{and for those who don’t know…this was my 1st tattoo. It pushed all my “good girl” bones in my body to even think about getting a tattoo, let alone a pussy tattoo – yet I knew I wanted it & needed it}

I wrote this three years ago while I sat in the classroom and designed my tattoo.
Tattoo {♥️} My daily reminder to get out of my head, to wake up, to move into my body & stay connected to me, my truth, my strength, my desire, the feminine & the divine.
~my GPS

So, today and going forward, I am reminded to trust 100% what I am guided to teach is what they need and want to hear.

Our sexuality is our superpower.

We can tap into this superpower and use it EVERYWHERE in our life {our mothering, our partnering, our relating, our career} by embracing our sexuality, connecting to our bodies and connecting to who we are.

And when we do, you stop doubting yourself, you feel incredible, free, sexy & alive, life is SO much easier and so much more fulfilling.  

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