Pillar #2 of my Sexy-Back Approach

Pillar #2 of Sexy Sh{it} in Get Your Sexy Back…Embodiment.

I used to live in my head. Always thinking ahead, back, trying to keep up, what to do next, doubting my every move.

When we learn how to get out of our head and start feeling into our body, there is such a wealth of knowledge and inner knowing of all that is.

Our are bodies are brilliant. To tap into this brilliance, we simply need to learn how to listen.

It is not something that is easy to explain, because it is all felt. The results are phenomenal!

I see these results in myself AND my clients…

👉 Deep inner knowing, that no matter what…you will be okay
👉 Real trust in yourself and your decisions
👉 Knowing when to slow down in went to go for it
👉 Less stress and anxiety
👉 More pleasure and freedom
👉 True confidence that is felt in every cell of your being
👉 Intimate connection to yourself
👉 Intimacy and connection to others at a much deeper level
👉 Self-love –> no more body hatred or disgust
👉 Clear YES’s and No’s that you feel and you can trust
👉 Feeling sensual, sexy & in your full power

Can you feel the pull to this work? Is it calling to you? Trust it.  Listen to it.  Coz it’s more than I can put words to.

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