It Doesn’t Have to be That Way

If you experience numbness, pain or don’t feel much pleasure at all…I want you to know that it doesn’t have to stay that way. 

I wasn’t always empowered in my sensuality and my pleasure. 

When I first started this journey I would do practices exploring touch, sensation and pleasure –  even touching my own arm, thighs, belly and br€asts, I noticed I didn’t feel very much.

I was shut down and disconnected from my body, my pleasure, and my purpose.

I was numb.

Without the connection to our sacral energy…pelvic bowl…oracle between our thighs…portal of our power, we are left wandering, settling, doubting, feeling stuck and lost. 

That’s where I was…





When I dove into my sensuality and pleasure exploration, that is when I noticed my BODY COME ALIVE. 

The more I healed, the more safety I created in my own body, the more my body woke up. 

I started to feel the lightest of touches electrify my skin in the most luscious of ways. 

I noticed MORE pleasure, more sensation all over my body. 

Pleasure I had NEVER known existed. 

My body learned to feel again. 

To trust that feeling pleasure was okay again.

I cultivated safety and learned how to listen to my body. 

And from there the relationship with my body flourished like nothing I could have imagined!

Exquisite pleasure, deep inner knowing and a relationship with my body that I can TRUST.

I am SO deeply honoured to do the work that I do today…to lead you on this incredible journey…and to invite you to join me in the…

Sacred Pleasure Membership so you can experience it too.

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