“Good Girl” Behaviours

Fitting in is a key 🔑 strategy for survival.

Women make themselves small.
Less intimidating.
Less dangerous.

ALL the time!! To “fit in”…and to survive.

Repressing ourselves and our desires to be “desirable”, or marriage material or to keep our partner.

We fall into the “good girl” good wife-mom behaviours as a strategy for survival.

We put ourselves last, don’t talk too much, don’t ask too much, don’t take up too much space, don’t prioritize our pleasure and become martyrs like it’s a badge of honour.

If we continue on this path of playing small, being good, playing by other’s rules and desires that are not our own, we become resentful, angry, depressed, we start doubting ourselves and life literally gets sucked out of us.

If you’ve done this, no judgment…so did I.

But I found my way back.

I reclaimed ME, created epic boundaries that served ME, fuelled ME, reconnected to my body, to my superpower through sacred sensuality which allowed me to cultivate real safety in my body and incredible trust in ME.

And my ppl…my husband…my kids…my friends didn’t disappear.

Our relationships became stronger, more authentic, deeper and real.

It is by returning to knowing, to remembering WHO WE ARE, no matter how uncomfortable it makes others feel, that we are able to reclaim ourselves and step into our full power.

It is time to move from SURVIVING to THRIVING.

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