Do You Trust Yourself?

I used to always ask other opinions and get feedback from as many ppl I could to make a decision for me.

This did not work for me in so many ways.

The main one, was I was not trusting myself or my body in making decisions that were most aligned for me.

I would change direction, convince myself I changed my mind or “play it safe”, hiding and living someone else’s desires.

Can you see how F’ed up this was?

When really, I was spinning like a ball in a Pin Ball game.

Bouncing off of others conditioning, spinning through their fears, only to be returned back up into their trauma responses and beliefs to steer MY life.

I know stepping out of this way of living into your own journey of what is best for you and your body is hard at first.

But it can be done.

You just have to decide to stop playing their game and play your own.

And you only get to that deep knowing and trusting yourself…BY TRUSTING YOURSELF.

Yes, you have work through the resistance along the way and the voices that tell you, “you can’t”…but you can.

Then you build safety, gain evidence and trust yourself even more.

All while slowly and gently peeling back the layers of the onion, one layer at a time and integrating what is underneath while uncovering your new superpowers.

This timeline can be collapsed so quickly when you do this journey with a coach.

We have tools, practices and can see through the storm when you can’t. {aka your brain telling you all of the reasons why you can’t}

I am an advocate for your body’s wisdom, giving it a space to heal, always taking you back into your body for guidance while building deep safety and trust at the same time.

So, you can learn to do this on your own and regulate your nervous system through each decision you make moving forward after your desires.

But this time, with real deep knowing that no matter what, you’ve got this.

I have 2 spots open right now for private one-on-one {or couples} coaching.

If you desire to reclaim the areas you have lost yourself, reconnect to your body through sacred sensuality and remember WHO YOU ARE so you may show up as your powerful unapologetic true self…hop on a free call with me.

Absolutely no pressure, that is NOT my style…this call is to really see what is most aligned for both of us.

And…at the very minimum you will leave with clarity around your desires, what is holding you back and be closer to making your desires your reality!