Do you ask for what you want? In & Out of the bedroom?

When it comes to your relationships, do you get in your own way?

Does the feeling of being “needy” influence what you ask for & what you decide not to?

It is possible you are not even able to separate & determine what it is you REALLY want if you have practiced not asking for a while now.

Here are some indicators that you are not going after your dreams & desires.

Do you…

👉 Try to make the other person happy because you are afraid they’ll disappear (either physically or emotionally) and you’ll lose them

👉 Feel like your needs are unreasonable & that you might be asking too much

👉 Fear that you won’t get what you want, instead your partner will walk away

👉 Avoid asking because your afraid you’ll get shut down or worse your partner will do what you asked, but they will be resentful about doing it

👉 Fear that you’ll come across harsh or demanding

👉 Hesitate to take the leap because you’ve been rejected or let down before

Learning how to ask for what you want with confidence is a skill.

It is a practice of 1st bringing down the walls of unworthiness, while deciding what it is you TRULY WANT & then learning how to ask for it.

If you are ready to learn how to ask for what you want (in & out of the bedroom) & you are ready to stop settling for less, book your free coaching call with me here.