I used to hesitate saying something or asking for what I wanted & needed

I used to always scrutinize what I said through the lens of “what will they think” or “what will they say”.

Most of the time this made me freeze & stuff down whatever it was I wanted & then I would finish it off by convincing myself that I didn’t really want it anyway.

The times I did feel brave enough to ask for something I wanted & my husband said No or just started to question why I wanted it, would send me spiralling into…

“See, he really doesn’t love me”

“He really doesn’t get me”

“Something must be wrong with me to want this”

“Why do I always want SO much?”

“Why can’t I just be happy with what I have?”

“What’s wrong with me”

Sound familiar?

Here we have the Guilt, Fear, Doubt & Shame Sandwich!

Truth is…when we are not clear & confident in our self and when we are not clear & confident in our bodies, WE ARE NOT clear & confident in our relationships, our decisions or our desires.

It is all interconnected.

Work on one…work on them all.

This Guilt, Fear, Doubt & Shame Sandwich is enough to snuff out our confidence in our self, our bodies, our desires, our connection to others, our pleasure AND it F@cks with our mind.

If this Guilt, Fear, Doubt & Shame Sandwich is running your life & you are ready to step into the confident, sexy & clear in your boundaries woman, let’s talk.

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